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I hate change. You might not have known that about me, but I find change incredibly scary, especially when its something I invested a lot of time in or got used to something. This is especially so with technology.
I don't like getting new phones because then I have to learn a whole new thing. I don't like getting a new computer and getting used to a new operating system. My son yelled at me for not updating to Windows 11 but it scared me to have to learn something new. 
I don't like updating my phone operating system either. I don't like things moving around on my screen on my phone. (Honestly, this is one of the things about me that make me pretty sure I'm autistic, just like 3 of my kids.)

So imagine how scary it is for me to redesign my website?!?! I'm terrified I'll totally ruin it.
I knew for some time the site was no longer mobile friendly, but after 3 people messaged me about that within just one day, I knew I couldn't wait any longer...

But I'm doing this all myself.

But unlike when I first started off, I didn't need to find only a free template. I actually "invested" and bought a template. It was just $12. 

And I think it is pretty and user friendly and has what I want it to have.

But now I need to fix it and make it better, and that will take a bit of time when things will be a bit rough around the edges... but bear with me. (Look at that funky pull down menu option at the top. Hahahaha...)


Quick question though... 
The template I bought didn't include a header image but it was important for me to include that, but I needed to make it mobile friendly. I used Gemini to figure out how to do it, but it told me to do 

(max-width: 768px) { #header-wrapper img { max-width: 600px; /* Optional: Limit image width on smaller screens */ } }

under the CSS, which is supposed to make it smaller on mobile devices but that doesn't seem to be doing anything. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

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  1. I'm a frequent visitor (lurker, tho) and was shocked at the new layout! Like you, I'm a bit reluctant to certain changes, but if it's for the better, it's ok. The navigability (is it the right word? Not a native English speaker, sorry) is quite user friendly on my ol' laptop, can't wait to test it on my smartphone.

    I've also read your previous library post. Great content as always, Penny!

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