Grow Your Parenting Instagram Account To More Than 10K

Instagram is one of the better platforms these days, and many people are using it as a way to make money, and others use it as a way to connect with people. My son tries telling me that it's weird when someone my age is on Instagram, since its for "his generation", while Facebook is for "old fogies" like myself... I hate to break it to him, but there's probably many, many more people my age on Instagram than there are kids his age. Anyhow, if you want to increase your followers on Instagram, there are some things you can do to help that along. Here are some of them.

With the passing days, more parents are joining social media platforms like Instagram to share parenting tips and other things. So, naturally, the competition is getting tougher. In 2023, there were 474 parenting Instagram influencers.

So, starting your journey on Instagram as a parent and gaining more than 10k is not an easy one. You need the right strategies, consistency, and effort to get that increased visibility and have beyond 10k followers in less time.

Continue reading to know the right tactics to grow your parenting Instagram account to a new height and up your follower count.

How Can You Grow Your Parenting Instagram Account Beyond 10k Followers?

When it is about growing your parenting Instagram account, you need consistent efforts and strategic planning.

No matter what you do, like sharing parenting tips for new parents or giving general advice, you need to have the right technique to grow your account.

So, here are some of those tactics that can help you achieve that 10k milestone. Apply these techniques, see the desired results in no time and grow your parenting Instagram account.

Optimize Your Profile

First things first, you need to ensure that your parenting profile is optimized. Use a clear, high-quality profile picture and select a username that is easy to remember. Keep your Instagram bio engaging and concise.

It is an effective content marketing strategy for your parenting page. All these can easily grab people's attention and they feel connected to you. After that, they not only follow your account but also suggest others do the same thing.

Concentrate More On Content Strategy

Developing a great content strategy helps grow your parenting Instagram account. Concentrate on making high-quality content and experiment with different content types.

You may upload carousel posts as they can get the highest engagement which is 1.92%. Always plan your content in advance and post something that is relevant to your audience to catch more people's attention.

Use The Right Hashtags On Your Posts

Right hashtags are equal to improved visibility and great reach. When a parent managed Instagram account gets that boosted visibility, more people will see their content. Also, hashtag use helps take your profile to the Explore Page.

However, when you use hashtags, try to maintain a balance and use relevant ones. It will take your content to a wider range of people and help you get followers quickly.

Collaborate With Others

Working with other creators gives your parenting Instagram account the exposure it deserves. You can plan for joint giveaways, shoutouts, or co-hosting live sessions. Through this, you can introduce your profile to a new set of audience.

When it happens, you can watch your follower count grow because collaboration can help you attract potential followers. Many best parenting Instagram accounts follow this rule.

Use Instagram Features

Using Instagram features to your advantage can be the most effective tip to grow followers to more than 10k. Stay active and consistent and use different features like Reels, stories, posts, etc.

When you use these features, it will increase your profile’s engagement and make your content go viral in a shorter period. Through this, connecting with other parents becomes easier.

So, these are the surefire ways to grow your follower count quickly to over 10k for your parenting Instagram account. But how to promote your account? Let's know that!

Ways To Promote Your Parenting Instagram Account

Promoting your parenting Instagram account needs a strategic approach. There are specific right ways to promote your account, especially when you share positive parenting tips. These ways can help you reach a broader audience and grow your followers.

Identify Target Audience

Not all people will love your tips on parenting skills or whatever you share. So, identifying the right audience is important to tailor your content to their preferences and needs.

Through this, you can make your profile more appealing to them. This approach further helps in promoting seamlessly and bringing more followers.

Engage With Your Community

Smooth interaction with your community is the best tip for new parents who just opened their Instagram account. Respond to comments on your posts, engage with your followers, and make more conversions.

When you show genuine interest in replying to the followers, it brings you the opportunity to foster a sense of connection. It becomes easier for you to promote your page by asking them to check your content.

Post At The Right Time

Scheduling your posts can impact your profile reach and engagement. For this, you can use Instagram Insights to check when your Instagram followers stay most active and schedule your post accordingly.

After doing this, when you post anything on Instagram, it becomes easier for you to catch the eyeballs and grow your parenting Instagram account.

Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account

A lot of parent-run Instagram accounts often promote their content on other social media platforms, you can do it too. Share your blogs, videos, reels, and other content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., for quick promotion.

With this technique, it's easy for parents connecting with other parents, encouraging more followers from other social media accounts to your Instagram profile. It helps you tap into different audience bases and gain followers from different sources.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are one of the best ways to promote and grow your parenting Instagram account. You may invest in targeted ads to reach a wider audience base beyond your existing followers.

With a strong CTA and tailored ads, your profile becomes more engaging to target demographics. But, ensure you follow the right strategy and use Instagram ads to have more visibility and promote your profile.


Growing and promoting your parenting Instagram account is possible with the right tactics. Your account can cross 10k followers if you apply those strategies and stay consistent while posting.

To get more effective results, you can buy Instagram followers. If you do this, you can start your journey to building a growing, supportive, and large audience base.

But, before buying 1000 Instagram followers, do research and find a reliable provider. Then, apply these strategies and find what works for you and watch your follower count rise.

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