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  • Homeschooling
  • Sustainability and Self Sufficiency
  • Gluten Free Cooking
  • Dairy Free Cooking
  • Vegetarian or Vegan Cooking
  • Natural Medicine
  • Parenting
and much else...

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What people are saying about PennilessParenting.com-
"A very interesting read. The author is a young mother whose frugal habits and wisdom are even more impressive given her young age. [She's] living below the poverty line and absolutely thinking outside the box in order to make ends meet without going into debt."- FrugalBabe.com
"She is definately a black belt. She does everything, even very small things, to save anything. [...] I am inspired by her cooking." Mothering.com
"Incredibly creative in how she saves $"-MollyonMoney.Wordpress.com
"Good, really frugal tips and thought provoking" -DiaperSwappers.com

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