Advertising Disclaimer

I get compensated for certain posts on my blog. If a blog post links to this disclaimer, it means it is a compensated post.

I have advertising on my blog to pay for the expenses of writing my blog, and so I can devote as much energy and time to my blog as I do. The money I make from advertising is negligible; I'm not raking in millions from this blog, or anywhere near that. If I figured out how much I make hourly, once I added up all my advertising revenue in comparison to the amount of hours I put in, I'd be making pennies per hour. I include advertising on this blog so that running this blog is not costing me money, so that having this blog is not a financial burden for myself, as I don't have the spare change to spend money on running a blog where I won't at least break even.

The reason I take advertising is to motivate me to run this blog. If I didn't have any advertisements, I likely would still have this blog, but I wouldn't be able to pay to have a professionally made header as I did, nor would I be able to pay a web designer to help me make my blog more user friendly. I wouldn't be able to outlay the money on special experiments and cost calculations I do for you blog readers. I also probably wouldn't post at the same frequency as I currently do, because that occasional spare change I get from advertising is enough to give me that push to write even when I have no energy nor willpower to do so.

I have a few different types of advertising on my blog.
Some are reviews in which I get an item free of charge and then share my opinion on it. This doesn't bring in any money, only goods.
I have write ups about companies, and I have sidebar advertisements.
I have posts that I write that may include a paid link.
I also have some compensated guest posts. The difference between a regular guest post and a compensated guest post is that a regular guest post is one that I have requested to be written- I approach a friend or blogger to write a post about a certain topic because I feel readers would benefit from such a post and I am not able to write one as well on that same topic, either because I have no experience in the matter, or at least not as much as the person whom I've asked to write it. The other types of guest posts are when, people approach me and ask me to write a guest post because they want to have visitors checking out their site (either a business site or their blog) and figure that having a guest post on my blog will bring them clicks. They write about whatever topic they want that doesn't clash with the values on my blog, but their guest posts may not necessarily have as unique of a spin on them as the types of guest posts I have requested to be written
I also have Google Adsense advertising, and earn affiliate revenue from and Swagbucks.

Even though I do have advertising, I will not lose site of the goal of my blog, and that is to encourage frugality, living within your means, green living, healthy eating, and learning to appreciate what you have. In general, I am anti consumerism, and do not do anything to promote consumerism on my blog.
Because of this, I carefully select who I will take as advertisers on my blog. If the company or website encourages consumerism or anything else that I am against, it doesn't matter how much money is offered to me to put up the advertisement, I won't, and I haven't, even if it means that I am losing out financially, because the integrity of my blog and being an honest human being is worth more to me than the money the ads may bring in.
The advertising I tend to have are for companies that espouse the same values as I do, companies that will help save you money, eat more healthily, live more friendly to the earth, or all of the above.

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