Frugal Kitchen Skills

Looking to cut back? The kitchen is the first place to start being thrifty!
Merely by staying home and cooking from scratch, you'll end the month with much more money in your pocket. Takeout and convenience food can eat you out of house and home; being comfortable in the kitchen is the thrifty woman's secret weapon.

Here's ways to get you started with being more frugal in the kitchen!

Thrifty Grocery Shopping
Reducing your grocery bill is the first place to start on your frugal journey. Here are some tips and tricks to save while grocery shopping.

Cheap Food Preparation
Tips and tricks to make sure that you don't end up overspending while making food from scratch.

Alternative Cooking Methods
Because the oven and stove top aren't the only option. Find cheaper ways here!

Thrifty Grocery Shopping- Tips and Advice

Menu Planning and Shopping Lists- Good Idea or No? Is shopping strictly from a list a good way to save money? Find out Penny's thoughts on this standard thrifty advice.
Buying From the Reduced Rack Pay less money for good food. Tips on buying reduced price produce, meats, and baked goods.
Avoiding Impulse Buys Tips and tricks to make sure you've only bought the necessary items and aren't filling up your cart with impulse buys.
Loss Leaders- How They Help You Save This sales technique is designed to get you to spend more money. Find out how you can use loss leaders to your advantage and help you save.
Buying in Bulk- Worthwhile? Is buying things in large quantities, like from Costco, worthwhile? Does this save you money? Find out when buying bulk is a good idea and when it is not.
Know the Cost of What You Buy Surprisingly, many people have no idea just where all their money is ending up. Knowing the exact cost of what you're buying is the first way of taking charge of your finances and improving your monetary situation.
Buying in Season Whether winter, summer, spring or fall, different produce is grown year round. Learn the benefits of buying produce in season, and how to tell what is in season and what is not.
Using Only Cash Why eliminating plastic and using cash only helps save you lots of money.
Dos and Don'ts of Bargaining Sometimes a little haggling can save you money. Before you try this money saving technique, please learn the rules of bargaining so you don't ruin it for yourself.

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Cheap Food Preparation

Barbecueing Cheaply Bring out the grill- summer is here. Barbecue your food without burning up your money.
Cutting Food Preparation Costs Can you cut the costs entailed in making your own food? Penny Pennywise shows you how.
Save Money Baking Seven more money saving tips to use while baking.
Guests on a Budget Entertain without breaking the bank. How to have guests on a tight budget.
Keeping Fruit Fresh Make sure your fruit don't spoil before you get around to eating them. Tips to keep your fruit fresh.
Keeping Vegetables Fresh Make sure your vegetables stay good to eat. Ways to ensure your vegetables stay fresh longest.
Extending Shelf Life of Vegetables Produce on its last leg? Here's some tips to bring it back to life, letting it nourish your family instead of feeding the dumpster.
Using a Pressure Cooker A pressure cooker helps save you money. Find out how.
Tricks for Using Beans Find beans a hassle? These tricks will make your kids say "More beans please, Mama" and make both Mom and her pocketbook happy.
Homemade Sprouts This simple trick increases nutrition and digestibility, while giving you even more food for your money. Make your own sprouts- learn how!
Growing Green Onions with no Garden For people like myself who kill all green, here are some tips that even I can use to grow homemade green onions- with no garden.
Homemade Baby Food How to save money on baby food and make your own.
Eliminating the Food Processor How and why you should do this.

Alternative Cooking Methods

Refrigerator Solar Cooker
Sad Solar Cooking Saga
Homemade Dehydrator
Crockpot Baking
More coming soon!