Frugal Tools, Charts, and Calculations

This is the page where I'll hopefully be including links to various tools and charts that I made that will help you save money.

True Prices of Food
How much does meat really cost? This chart will help you figure out how much you're really paying for meats and all once you debone and skin them.
What milks are cheapest- which homemade vegan milks get you the most for your money?
Calculating how much different starches cost you once they're cooked. You'd be surprised which starches are really cheapest, and while are more expensive when you're calculating based on the cooked weight, not the raw weight!
Calculating the price of beans and cost per gram of protein. This chart includes dried, canned, and frozen beans, and compares the prices with the final cost once they're cooked and strained. It also helps you figure out how much you pay for each gram of protein and see which bean is the cheapest protein.
How to do price conversion calculations for those that like to figure things out in detail!

Food Substitutions
Cheapskate Ingredient Substitution is a list giving lots of ideas for substitutions for food using cheap ingredients.
And if you don't have all the exact substitutes, here is a list of relatively decent vegetable replacements you can use in recipes, such as subbing carrots for sweet potatoes.