I failed at grocery shopping.

I lost my receipt. So no, I won't be able to tell you exactly what I bought for the next two weeks, so this will be an approximation.
Oh, and another big fail. I didn't send my husband with lunch today. I had nothing ready made (not even bread or crackers) and I was way too wiped out to put anything together for my husband last night before I went to sleep. He left this morning to work before I got up, and isn't even near any place he can buy himself something to eat. Ok, I took some unrecognizable dish out of the freezer and stuck it in his backpack before he left for work, but it was a gross looking something that leaked all over his bag and is an unappetizing mess. 
That's what happens when you're insanely overtired from a too long hospital stay and still haven't caught up on sleep because you're too net addicted to sleep even when you're zonked.
My father just moved to my country today and he's coming together with the rest of my immediate family for a "Welcome home" party combined with a double birthday party for me and my husband. Lots of stuff going on tomorrow, so I won't be spending as much time at the computer these two days because I need to be getting the place spiffy. (Don't worry, you'll still be getting your posts.)

One thing I wanted to point out is that it may seem that I spend an awful lot on shopping, especially because I have such a minimal income. However, we do not have couponing  in my country, so I can only try to do the best I can by maximizing the benefits of sales. If you spend less than I do on groceries, how much of the savings is from couponing? I wish we had coupons here because I'm sure that then I'd do even better on saving money on groceries.

Tuesday's grocery shop: (We have a holiday coming up within the next two weeks, so I bought whatever I needed for the holiday, and that is included in the grocery total as well.)
5 lbs oranges
8 lbs grapefruit- both ruby and yellow types
4 lbs ugly fruit (or sweeties, depending on whether you're the half full or half empty glass type_
5 lbs lemons
3 lbs apples
10 lbs potato sack (Mistake. I spent way too much on these because I didn't realize that the sale price applied only to the first 4 lbs and I got charged the full, expensive price on the other 6 lbs. I already had potatoes even, so this was a waste!)
2 heads purple cabbage
1 head green cabbage
5 lbs carrots
5 lbs onions
5 lbs fennel
4 lbs tomatoes
2 lbs cucumbers
3 lbs radishes
3 lbs kohlrabi
3 lbs beets
4 lbs green peppers
2 bags (about 3.5 lbs) of corn flakes (I rarely ever buy cereal, but the price on these were just too good to resist, and they were buy one get one free to boot, and my husband can live off of cereal, so I "splurged".)
2 bags of pretzels (for our upcoming holiday)
1 bottle grape juice
1 bottle wine
1.9 gallons of milk (I've been buying less until now, but we frequently run out, so I decided that more is better.)
7 oz regular cheese (our mozerella type equivalent)
10.5 oz sheep cheese (sounds like it should be expensive, but it really is very very cheap. The cheapest cheese type, actually)
1 stick butter
1 stick margarine (*blushes* For the holiday as well, and I don't plan on eating the food made with margarine, just giving it to people that do.)
2.5 lbs Nile perch (for our holiday)
3 turkey wings (quite large, actually)
1 whole chicken (for our holiday)
2 oz chicken kidneys (sounds gross, but its for a delicious dish that I'll share with you later)
2 lbs turkey gizzards (again, for that same dish)
4 lbs white flour (for seitan)
2 lbs sugar
2 lbs mayonnaise
7 oz craisins
10 oz chestnuts (total guess as to the amount)
7 oz whole sesame seeds

And that's it. Give or take a few things. Total bill? 82 dollars for a two week shopping, or 41 dollars per week. A bit of a splurge, but there were a few necessary extra expenses because of the holiday.

Now for the menu---

Tuesday- Boring leftover supper. Chicken turkey soup with dumplings.
Wednesday- Cream cheese, salsa spirals
Thursday- Dad is coming and bringing all the food. Probably will be Chinese food as that is his specialty.
Friday- Baked grapefruit, salsa, fennel salad, russian salad, kohlrabi slaw, beet salad, turkeys buried in mashed potatoes
Saturday- Scottish Haggis with leftover salads and mashed potatoes
Sunday- Jerk seitan with rice
Monday- Spanish tortilla lasagna
Tuesday- Eggplant "parmessian"
Wednesday- Baked beans, rice and veggies
Thursday- Colcannon
Friday- Potato soup, fennel salad, russian salad, kohlrabi slaw, curried purple sauerkraut, glazed turkey wings, candied carrots
Saturday- Friday leftovers
Sunday- Chicken stuffed with chestnut stuffing, sweet and sour cabbage, Moroccan style Nile perch (maybe),Yemenite flatbread
Monday- Tuna casserole
Tuesday- Fermented bean dip with flatbread and salads

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