Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Blogging Award- And my nominees

I received my first ever blogging award from fellow blogger Felissa Hadas. Its little thoughtful gestures like this that really brighten people's day. Just letting someone know that they make you smile, as this Sunshine Award implies is a great way to encourage people to keep on doing whatever it is that they're doing, letting them know that you find them inspiring, interesting, and a good read. Positive feedback is the perfect antidote to the blogging midwinter blues.

Isn't that a pretty flower? It just makes me want to run outside and embrace the beauty of the world, soak in the sun, and sip a mixed drink on the beach. In my dreams. But even the Sunshine Award's logo makes me all sunny and giddy inside and reminds me of the time that I bought those types of flowers for my friend after her surgery. I would have had these bright Gerber Daisies as my wedding bouquet, but that was a little too unorthdox for me.

Anyhow, the rules of accepting this award are:
Put the logo on the sidebar or within a post
Pass the award on to 12 bloggers who brighten your day
Link to the nominees within your post
Let the nominees know they received this award by commenting on their blog
Link back to the person who gave you this award, as a way of showing your appreciation for being appreciated.

Here are the posters to whom I would like to pass on this award:

Alpidarkomama- This wonderful lady is my inspiration in many ways. It was she and Oceans of Joy who introduced me to the concept of homesteading, of making my own food and living a simpler life. I've gotten so many ideas from this wonderful lady, and she always gave such great feedback on my old blog when I was first starting out on my homesteading adventure. She has been a little slower at blogging these past few weeks what with making a cross country move in record time, but I'm sure she'll be picking up her blogging pace soon enough. I love reading her blog.
Oceans of Joy- As I mentioned above, Oceans of Joy and Alpidarkomama were the ones that gave me the inspiration to be a little more self sufficient and be a little more convinced that I can homeschool my kids even if I am living a frugal life. I look to Avivah at Oceans of Joy for lots of parenting advice, health related advice, and get lots of inspiration for new foods and healthier lifestyle habits from her. This is the first blog I make sure to read every single day, and she definitely, absolutely, deserves this award. I would like to accomplish what she has accomplished when I have lived as long as she has. (I've still got quite a ways to go- I'm not that much older than her oldest kid...)
Under 1000 Per Month- Emily at Under1000PerMonth was the one who inspired me to become a public blogger. Before I had a semi private blog, but seeing what she did with her blog gave me the push to think bigger and write a blog for the general public. I have a different and more varied menu than Emily, and have different beliefs than her, and I don't think I'd be able to do half the things she does, but I do get plenty of ideas and recipes from Emily and this is my way of saying Thank You to her.
The Happy Atheist Homemaker- Desiree at Happy Atheist Homemaker has gotten a little ticked off at me lately *(edited now that I see her response)* because I said some pretty thoughtless things on her blog and I wanted to apologize for that. My brain was not functioning properly due to lack of sleep and I probably sounded like a total *insert swear word here*. Even though she may be annoyed at me still, and even though I know she's already gotten this award, I wanted to give her this award again, as I find her to be cute, fun, and inspirational. She's got a chic decorating style, and has given me plenty of great ideas for delicious foods to make for my family. Thank you Desiree, and I'm sorry. You rock! (And everyone should go check out her website because she's got loads of great ideas!)
BubbleJ- BubbleJ is a relatively new blogger, but she brings a smile to my face. She is similar to myself in age and is very on top of her finances and desires to live a frugal life. Many people my age are just interested in "the fun life" and aren't willing to take responsibilities for their actions. They want to be able to spend money and let Mommy and Daddy bail them out when they get stuck, or the rack up tons of credit card debt. BubbleJ gets this award for having a good head on her shoulders, realizing the important things in life, and for being an interesting read.
AlmostUnschoolers- I love reading about this mom's homeschooling career. She makes a bunch of great stuff with her kids, crafts and recipes, and I've gotten some lovely idea
s from her. One of the things I love best about her blog is she makes everything into a learning experience for her kids. Her baking becomes science experiments, for example. I love this approach and try to implement it with my son (as best as I can, he's only 2.5 after all) and appreciate seeing ways to make learning fun.
Our Life From Scratch- Another new blogger, this blog has lots of great recipes and frugal ideas. I enjoy reading her blog and I'm sure you will too!
My Mommy Makes It- I first found this blog through a crafting party. She makes the most awesome things, especially environmentally friendly children's toys. Ok, I'll admit, I have to work more on being environmentally friendly, but her environmental friendliness means making new things out of older things... and that is pretty much what I try to do with my dumpster diving crafts. I want to try making homemade toys and My Mommy Makes It has inspired me to do so.
Pacy Crochets- is another great crafting and frugal blog. I first learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was 8, but I have slacked off at it. I want to start crocheting some more and making some more homemade things. She's also got lots of life experience and a good head on her shoulders.
Creative Jewish Mom- Nice stuff cost money, right? CJM shows you many ways to make beautiful stuff for your home without spending much money (if at all). I've also used some of her ideas for projects, scaled down, for my playgroup kids to do. I love reading CJM's blog!
Curly Q's Hairdos- I like this blog. It makes me feel like an utter failure when my son's long hair is a royal wreck and glued with snot to his face because I forgot to make  a pony tail in it that morning... But she gives me great inspiration to what my son's hair could look like, if I just tried a little harder. In fact, after first discovering her blog, I sat down and did the fanciest hairdo I ever made for my son.
Everyday Adventurer- This blog is a bit random in the sense that it has absolutely nothing to do with any other blog I've mentioned, however I really like it. I live in a place with few trees and little water and no snow... and going to this blog evoked so many nostalgic memories of hikes in evergreen forests, camping in a creekside log cabin in the mountains, and just growing up with snow. I couldn't help but go back through a month's worth of posts when I first discovered it, I was that enraptured by the ethereal beauty of the nature pictures on this blog.

I had originally intended to include a recipe in this post, but I think that with website descriptions, I've written more than enough.
My usual bi-weekly shopping post will henceforth be the Wednesday post, to give me some time to shop, take pictures, and write up my menu.

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