Bye Bye Barber

In my husband's hometown, once a week a man would come to the hamlet and advertise "Haircuts! Only 3 dollars!" Like rats to the Pied Piper, men and boys from the community would come streaming to the little shop he set up on one of the corners.
This man would drape a barber's cape over the clients shoulder, and whip out his trusty... trimming machine!?!?
Though my husband grew up in a relatively well to do home, he had a hard time fathoming paying someone else to cut his hair with a machine, something that takes absolutely zero skill. While these people felt that they were saving money by only spending 3 dollars for a trim, each trim added up and with that money, they could have easily bought their own trimmer and be able to cease needless expenditures on hair cuts.

My husband saved up his allowance money and purchased a trimmer for himself. From that point on (and its been quite a few years since then), any time he'd need a trim, he'd give one to himself, needing only a drop of help from someone at the very back. Had he been a bit more entrepreneurial, he could have set up shop across the street from the "barber" and offered 2 dollar hair cuts and made money on individuals who don't have the forethought to buy their own trimmers.

Each time my husband needs a hair cut, I get a reminder of the money saving aspect of buying your own trimmer. Yes, this trimmer did cost money, but its an expenditure that has more than paid for itself since its purchase.

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