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My husband will vouch for the fact that I spend way too much time on the computer. So much time that he feels he never gets to use the computer because I'm always busy with something or another at the computer. While I'm trying to cut back my computer time, my husband tried to find a solution to the fact that he "has no computer to use".
Acer AS5517-1643 15.6-Inch Black Laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium)
My mother in law had a junky problematic extra laptop sitting around her house, collecting dust. She gladly passed it on, but warned us that it didn't work at all. With a little basic computer knowledge, we were able to reinstall windows without needing to pay a computer technician. Only... reinstalling windows meant that we had no programs on the computer that come pre-installed when you buy them. That means a computer  that can do pretty much... nothing. Ok, not nothing, but pretty limited.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

The biggest annoyance of this new computer is that it had no word processing program. (Ok, it had Wordpad but that doesn't count as its very limited in function.) As a writer, I need me a decent word processor. However, the typical word processing program, Microsoft Word is way out of our budget (no, I have no idea how much it costs, but right now any programs that I'd need to pay to download are over our budget, as our minimal money will not be spent on something as unnecessary as an overpriced program for our second computer.). Fortunately, Microsoft Word and the whole Microsoft Office is not the only program of its ilk out there. I've (ok, credit goes to my husband, not me) discovered a program that is virtually the same as Microsoft Office- with a word processor, Excel, Powerpoint and Acess equilvalent- only it is completely free.

Open Office is a really awesome program and worthwhile download. It is of the same exact caliber as Microsoft Office; I've discovered that anything possible on Microsoft Office is possible also on Open Office. I use Open Office to write documents with advanced layouts, chart my spendings and husband's work hours on the spreadsheet program, create presentations and much more.
And I didn't spend a dime.

Go download Open Office for free now! (No, this is not a sponsored advertisement. This is just my sharing something that I love in the hopes that you love it and you'll save money too!)

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