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People are funny sometimes.
They go to the grocery store, pile up their carts, and pay the cashier.
Order a pizza, tip the delivery guy and dig in.
Go to a ball game, pay for a ticket, and enjoy the show.
Stand on line in the drug store, pick up a Cosmo, the bar code is swiped, and they pay for the magazine.

Yet when people write a blog and intend to make money via doing  so, they're accused of fraud, of being money hungry cheats?

Why are these same people willing to pay good money for a book, and essentially pay the author to write the book for these people's enjoyment?
Why are people willing to buy printed words, either in magazines or newspapers?
If these people believe writers should be providing a service to the world, free of charge, why would they ever be willing to pay to read anything?
Why pay for anything in the world? Why not just take the pizza with no cash passing hands, empty the shelves of the supermarket without spending a dime, and just take what you want, when you want, and not pay for anything?
The world works the way it does because (for the most part, anyhow), we pay people for their time. We don't expect handouts and for strangers to do us a favor. We don't expect free food any more than we expect  to see that Yankees game for free. We realize that people's time is valuable, and no one owes anything to us.
Why then do people think that bloggers "owe them" posts? Why do people think that bloggers should be posting as a "service" for the world, and if they even think of making money from their blog, they're money grubbing frauds?
I know of no bloggers that actually charges admission to their websites. When blogs make money, its not taking anything from the readers. Blogs make money via advertising. The only ones paying for the advertising are the advertisers themselves. Readers pay nothing. Then what is the big issue?

Some people found out that I started a public blog (as opposed to my older, more private one) in the hopes of making money blogging. (Doesn't take much of a sleuth to figure that out- I say it right here on my About Me page.) These silly ladies said that if I'm blogging for the purpose of making money, in addition to being a money hungry web wench, I must also be a fraud. Because no one can possibly live the type of life I live; I must be making up my extremely frugal lifestyle so that people will gasp in horror, the clicks come in, and I start rolling in dough.
I find this all very amusing.

The mere fact that someone assumes that anyone monetizing their blog will do anything to make a buck, including making up tall tales to fill their blog... is just so ridiculous and far fetched that its really laughable.

I mean, can you believe how low bloggers have sunk? They actually want to get paid for their time?

All those bloggers out there who boast on their blog "This is an ad free blog", what is so amazing about that? Why does monetizing your blog take away from your integrity?
People who take moral issue with monetized blogs, do they also feel the rest of the world should also have integrity and not do anything for money?

I can just imagine-
"Save Your Penny Grocery- We are a money free store. We're here to serve you. Come in, help yourself, and  be sure to not pay a cent on your way out. We're a store with integrity; making money is evil."

Why not picket and boycott any grocery that has the audacity to want to make an income? They're just money grubbing folks after all.

Why do people take issue with monetized blogs? Can someone please explain?

And as an aside- This money grubbing fraudulent lady has just gotten her 10,000th visitor to the blog. Thank you all for making my blog be what it has become so far. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for links. Thank you for your feedback.
Thank you readers.
Perhaps I'll post a giveaway in honor of my 10,000th visitor. Anyone care to sponsor a giveaway and get a review in return?

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