Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back To School Deals

As someone planning to homeschool my kids, for now, my life is the same as it will be for the next little while. Life goes on as usual. I do housework with the kids, we cook, clean and play games and go on trips around the community and further out. Our "school year" doesn't stop come summer; we still have plenty of learning opportunities in our every day life. For me, September means nothing more than my children's birthdays and my wedding anniversary, not much extra financial stress (we keep birthdays low key).

For other moms, this is not quite the case. The entire mom bloggosphere, it seems, is abuzz with the back to school frenzy. People shopping to get all their school supplies for their children, from notebooks to uniforms, lunch boxes to glue sticks. Rare is the mom that isn't going shopping for the back to school season, and many are worried just how they will finance this big expenditure.
I'm glad that this is not one of my worries now, and wasn't planning a whole post on the topic.

However, I was contacted from Deals.com and they let me know about an offer they have that can help you save money on your back to school shopping and at the same time, enter to win a large cash prize.
The way it works is this:
Go to http://www.deals.com/backtoschool . You then pick the age range of your children, and relevant back to school deals for that age range will pop up. You click what interests you, see how much potential savings you can get. You then share that information on twitter, facebook or email with one easy click, and then you enter your email address for a chance to win 10,000 dollars. There are 10 runner ups who will have a chance to win 100 dollars each.

I think this is a great way to get all your back to school deals in one place, save you lots of money and hopefully also win one of you readers that 10,000 dollars, or at least those 100 dollar runner up prizes

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