Festival of Frugality, Oops Edition

Wow, time flies when you're having fun (or at least when you're swamped with work)! It seems like it was just yesterday that I hosted the last Festival of Frugality, where the best names in the Frugal Blogosphere get together and share their words of wisdom, network, and give each other new ideas.
So glad to be your host this week, and sorry it's posted later in the day- I uhm oops err got a tad sidetracked by all the food experimentation going on in my home. So I guess this would be the Oops edition of the Festival of Frugality.

We'll start off with my favorite posts.

  • Over at Money Ning, there's an excellent post on teaching your kids to budget. My Lee is just starting to be old enough to understand the concept of money being finite, needing to work to earn it, and being careful where we spend it. Probably sooner rather than later I'll start applying the wonderful advice on this post. For now, the one thing I do actually do is when I go shopping, I will tell Lee "You have 50 cents here. Would you like to get this, that, or something else?" and let him decide how he wants to "budget" his money.
  • Save Money By Cutting Waste is a terrific submission over at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket, and right up my alley. Her list is a great one- my only thing to add to it is- use every last drop of your food, even things you'd otherwise be throwing out, like cooking with banana peels.
  • Personal Finances By the Book discusses whether cell phone protection plans are worthwhile. His reasoning is pretty sound, and applies to all sorts of other insurance on items. It's a worthwhile read.
  • Funny About Money choses to discuss whether Amazon Prime is worth the cost. Again, a worthwhile read, and it reminded me of discussions about whether purchasing a membership to Costco is financially savvy.

And for the last few-

  • The Vacation Gals give some great ideas for frugal vacations.
  • Free Money Finance submitted a post on how to buy a diamond frugally... if a diamond can ever be considered frugal. Hey, who wants a CZ "diamond"? Now THAT is frugal!
  • And if you need to buy a new car- PT Money shares what he thinks are the best cars you can be getting to save money. I just chose to go car free, but I figure this post might help some of you!

So concludes the Oops Edition of the Festival of Frugality!

What oopses did you make lately?

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