Menu Plan Monday- In Retrospect

It's Monday again, and that means that once again you get to find out- what frugal meals did Penny, Mike, Lee, and Spike eat this week.
Our meals this week were a little bean heavy, as I was feeding my family the 6 different types of beans I cooked for yet another true food price experiment that I conducted and will hopefully be sharing with you on Wednesday.
The foods eaten also reflect the fact that I really need to go grocery shopping, as its been 2 weeks since my last shopping trip. (I have my next shopping trip scheduled for tomorrow.) It's also surprisingly dairy free, as I'd intended to use some of my bulk bought powdered milk, but the shipment has been delayed a drop and hasn't arrived yet.

Menu in Retrospect

Tuesday- rice, green lentils and salad veggies with a lemony dressing. This was such a hit- Lee's exact words- "This food is really yummy, Mommy. Please make it again!"
Wednesday- Spike had a bit of a tummy bug. We had chicken soup with rice, made from chicken carcasses and veggie scraps, as well as bananas and persimmons.
Thursday- Banana peel chutney over rice, and chickpea coconut cucumber curry.
Friday- Homemade whole wheat bread, banana peel chutney, fenugreek dip, eggplant tomato and pepper salad, chicken soup, breaded noodles, and terriyaki chicken.
Saturday- Homemade whole wheat bread, banana peel chutney, fenugreek dip, eggplant tomato and pepper salad, roasted eggplant salad, breaded noodles, terriyaki chicken.x
Sunday- Spaghetti with white beans and homegrown alfalfa sprouts, seasoned with lemon pepper.
Monday- Mashed potatoes with tuna, sour cream, and veggies.

Breakfasts were toasted oatmeal hot cereal, oats soaked in kombucha, semolina porridge, or pancakes.
Lunches were leftovers from the night before.
Snacks were popcorn, breadcrumb cookies, fruit (grapefruits, oranges, feijoas, bananas, persimmons, etc...) and veggies.

.What did you eat this past week?

Part of Menu Plan Monday.

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