Reaction to Extreme Frugality

Neiko Fit Anywhere Digital Electronic Safe Box for Home, Office, Boat/RV - 550 Cubic Inches - Gray ColorMy blog is all about extreme frugality, which is, as its name implies, very extreme. I know that I do things that other people would consider wacky, odd, absurd, preposterous, nasty, crazy, disgusting, pathetic, gross, and even unnecessary, but hey, I do what I've got to do because of my bank situation, and you have to find out what works for you.

What I want to know is this-
What is your reaction when you read about different extreme things I do?

Do you:
A) Nod your head along with me when I do something extreme that you already do, and see if  you can adopt the extremely frugal measures that you haven't already started doing, because you are just as extremely frugal as I am?

B) Read the articles, think that some things are extreme, but realizing that I'm doing what I do to live within my means, you get inspired to do what you need to do to live within your means, even if they're not the same things I do?

C) Read my ideas and sift out the "less extreme" ideas I have there, or think of a less extreme variation of ideas I give and apply them to your life when you can?

D) Even though you're not frugal, you appreciate reading about the different green things that I do, and either adopt some of the measures or just enjoy hearing about other greenie's lives?

E) Read for entertainment purposes only, even though its not applicable to your life at all?

F) Read so you can laugh about my absurdity to your friends, either in real life or to your syber-buddies out there on message boards meant for that purpose (hey, I know you're reading this. My stats prove this to me.)

G) Get turned off by the extremely frugal things I do, to the extent that you think frugality is "not for you"?

Indulge me.

I was talking to my editor at the magazine I wrote at, and she wanted me to write more extremely frugal things, things that people can't think of on their own. For the most part, I'd been writing things to try to convince people to be frugal and convince them that frugality is doable, in my effort to bring frugality to the masses. I'd been scared to write about the more radical things I do, afraid that people think that extreme frugality is the only type of frugality, and not even be willing to adopt even somewhat frugal measures... But my editor thinks that because my blog has such a large following, it must mean that people are interested in these extreme frugal ideas.

So, which answer from A to G would you chose to apply to you?I realize that as my readers, you'd fit into a certain category of people who are open to frugality, so that would skew the answers.If other people you know in real life would hear about extremely frugal things, how would they respond? By being turned off, or by being inspired?

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  1. For me, B and D.. I like to think that I'm frugal, but really I'm not. Your blog gives me great ideas for things that I'd like to try.

  2. I'm a bit of A, B, C, and D. I think we come from the same place (working with what we have), but you're so much better at it than I am.:-)

  3. Also, I'm interested in knowing just how far the Penniless family takes frugality! Have no fear, Penny. I'm sure there is more of us who want to know than those of us who do not. ;-)

  4. C.

    Thankfully I've always had good employment in the field in which I chose to become educated, and my fiance is both well-educated and well-compensated. We have debts that are at a manageable level, and we save ahead for the larger purchases of life.

    I understand that others are at different rest-stops along the highway of life, and though I do learn things from studying the "ultra"-frugal types, it would be nice if from time to time the personal finance community would highlight someone with a moderate, manageable level of indebtedness.

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