Weekly Menu- in Retrospect

I am very disorganized. Part of my creativity is connected to that lack of organizational skills, I'm sure. But either way, I rarely remember what the day of the week is, which is why I make a "Menu Plan Monday" post on Tuesday...
And which is partially why I make a "weekly menu in retrospect", and not a weekly menu plan. The other reason being that I never know what food I'll have in my house at any given time, because sometimes I'm given something, and sometimes I forage stuff, and sometimes I go shopping unexpectedly... and I also don't know what I'll be in the mood to cook or have the energy to make.
So instead, you get my menu in retrospect- what I made each day in the past week, and why.

I generally cook one main meal each day, but on the rare occasions that I cooked two, I differentiated what was lunch and what was supper.

Lunch- Peasant soup made from leftover tomato dip, chicken broth, chicken necks, black eyed peas, mallow, and wild mustard
Supper- Stuffed peppers filled with grated potatoes, leftover chicken, preserved foraged lemons, cumin, turmeric, and tomatoes.


Cantaloupe and wild mustard curry, chicken necks, and rice

Chicken soup, chicken wings, potatoes, and eggplant with balsamic vinegar, garlic, and foraged rosemary, kasha (buckwheat) with noodles, fermented beet and apple slaw, apple walnut pie

baked cucumbers- Julia Child's style, kasha with noodles, and beef roast marinated in kombucha, slow roasted with kombucha, gluten free soy sauce, raw honey, ginger, garlic, scallions, and carrots,


Tomato, mallow, zucchini cinque e cinque (vegan Italian quiche), kasha (buckwheat) with noodles, fermented beet and apple slaw

Lunch- Rice made with leftover sauce from the beef roast with hot dogs cooked in left over tomato dip
Supper- Rice with potato, lentil, eggplant, and tomato curry.

Potato and green banana curry with foraged black mustard seeds, Bengali style red lentil dal with panch phoron spice mix including foraged wild fennel seeds, tomato jam, and fermented beet and apple slaw.


Breakfasts- cereal and sesame milk, fruit, or banana peanut butter flax seed and sesame milk shakes

Snacks- Homemade gluten free chocolate brownies, homemade donuts, walnuts, apples, carrot sticks, rice cakes with pastured butter and raw honey, or rice cakes with peanut butter and raw honey.

Drinks- Kombucha, tea, lemonade, and water with lemon slices.

What did you serve this past week? Any recipes you're interested in that I haven't linked to already? If you'd come to my house to visit, which of these meals would you want to be served?

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