Homemade All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix Recipe- Type 2- Gourmet Gluten Free Flour Mix

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Blueberry apple black currant pie I made with this flour mix,
my second pie with the mix
I am absolutely in love. It's my mom's birthday tomorrow, and I was asked to make her a blueberry pie in honor of the occasion, gluten free and dairy free, of course. Now my mom is a gluten free eater as am I, but the rest of the guests in attendance are gluten eaters, and they are picky about their non gluten free stuff. When they came to me for Thanksgiving and I made a pumpkin pie, no one really cared for the pie crust, and to be honest, neither did I. But I don't like pie crust anyhow, really, so it didn't seem like such a big deal anyhow.
But I was asked to please make this blueberry pie with a good crust, even if it is gluten free. So I searched and searched the internet, and found a recipe, which came out terrifically, which I'll hopefully post either tomorrow or sunday. But it used this wonderful all purpose gluten free flour mix, different from my typical all purpose gluten free flour mix.
And the mix is really amazing- I even used it to make French bread- whose recipe I'll post as soon as I experiment with an egg free version.

But in the meantime, here's the mix, which I originally found on SimplyGluten-Free.com

9 cups superfine white rice flour
3 cups sweet rice flour
4 cups potato starch
2 cup tapioca starch
8 teaspoons xanthan or guar gum

1. Mix all the flours together.

2. Use in place of wheat flour in most recipes.

Note: Sweet rice flour is also called sticky rice flour or glutinous rice flour or mochiko, and despite the name, contains no gluten. If you have your own grinder, you can make your own from short grain white rice/risotto rice.

There really is no point in buying premixed gluten free flour mix- this works even better!

If you're a gluten free baker and have a standard mix, what is in your mix? Does this look like a recipe you'd try out?

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  1. I use the recipe of the late Bette Hagman, an early guru of gluten free cooking. It is: 6 cups white rice flour, 2 cups potato starch (not potato flour) and 1 cup tapioca starch. I sometimes use other combinations of other flours, but this is a good basic gluten free flour mix.

  2. I love it. I had every thing on hand and was much cheaper to make than buying the all purpose I have been using. Thank you so much. I do enjoy your blog and find lots of good ideas. I look forward to the recipes.

  3. Hi, there! I am enjoying this website, also.

  4. Hi, we just started gluten free last week and after having some major sticker shock, l'm now looking for some recipes so I can start making my own mixes. I appreciate the all purpose recipes you have posted here. Can you tell me which types of recipes each would be suited for? I'd like to ake some quick breads and muffins. Thanks!!

  5. I found a great mix on another blog, and she also taught me how to shop asian and global markets - which was a such a great idea to save tons of money! For instance, sweet rice flour and rice flour for about $1 per pound! And buying sorghum and millet flours at indian stores for about the same price.

  6. We have a grain free mix that performs really well and can be used in 14 different end products. You can get a light textured bread, crispy pizza base, or crunchy biscuit. No egg, dairy, yeast or soy if you have a celiac condition or are paleo, vegan nutrition sourced it is a wondermix which is what we call it :-)

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