Homemade Peanut Butter Cups Recipe- Dairy Free, Gluten Free

 photo 100_6486_zps85fd77b7.jpgI wasn't planning on posting this recipe today. I was going to post an amazing recipe for pie. Or French bread. Or something else. And then I posted this picture of what I made today on facebook, and like a million people started oohing and ahhing over picture, asking for the recipe.
It's really simple.

It's not the healthiest in the world, though could be...

But it looks great. Perfect for a party.

Homemade peanut butter cups, Reese's style.

Its very easy to do.

What you need is dairy free chocolate chips, dairy free white chocolate chips, unsweetened peanut butter, and salt. If you use healthy chocolate chips, this will be a healthy recipe, if they're not healthy, less so... my chocolate chips aren't healthy, so these weren't as healthy as they could have been, but the recipe still can be made healthier, if you use better chips.

You also need a silicon mold, or some other deeper chocolate mold, and a wide pot and two smaller heat proof containers that can fit inside the wide pot, as a double boiler. I used a metal bowl and a glass jar.

Put your chocolate chips in one of the heat proof containers, fill the pot part way with water, and put the container with chocolate chips inside the water, mixing it, until all the chocolate melts.

Using a small spoon, spread the chocolate into the mold, covering the bottom and the sides, but leaving the inside empty.

 photo 100_6482_zpsc5f4ba06.jpg

In another container, mix peanut butter with white chocolate chips, about a 50-50 ratio, and put that in the double boiler to melt. If you're using unsweetened unsalted peanut butter like I was, add salt to taste.

Spoon little bits of the peanut butter/white chocolate into the mold, being sure not to overfill- you still have to leave room for another layer of chocolate.

 photo 100_6483_zpsad4ae5c0.jpg

Put another layer of dark chocolate over the peanut butter, making sure the peanut butter is entirely covered on all sides.

Let cool off and harden.

Pop out the chocolates, and enjoy!

 photo 100_6486_zps85fd77b7.jpg

Are you a fan of peanut butter and chocolate combined? Does this look like a recipe you'd try?
If you've made your own recipe for chocolate peanut butter cups, what's in yours?

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  1. Yum yum! We had a party yesterday and I made what we call peanut buttercups; they're a little less complicated than these; peanut butter mixed with a little butter and sugar pressed into the base of a shaped ice cube tray, with a thin layer of melted dark-milk chocolate mixed. I owe Nigella Lawson for the recipe; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-1094171/Chocolate-peanut-butter-cups.html#axzz2Ka21khQU
    They are always popular; my nieces just grab and eat as soon as possible!

  2. I'm always suspicious of people who say they don't like the peanut butter/chocolate combo. LOL

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  3. I have never made these, but I have fantasized about making them. My guess was that for the peanut butter, I would just mix it with a little sugar, then look for a tiny melon scoop and mold the peanut butter into a small shape. Then dip it in the chocolate. I might still try that sometime, but now I have a back-up plan (if I can figure out something good to use for a mold).

  4. I don't do peanut butter because it could kill me, but one point: make sure the water does not come in contact with your chocolate! It will make it hard and impossible and clumpy...and unsalvageable.

    1. What about cookie butter in place of the peanut butter? nom nom nom

  5. I make something similar but the filling is made from peanut butter, melted butter and powdered sugar. Not pretending any kind of healthy, but they taste just like Reese's. :)

  6. I personally think that peanut butter is an excellent way to destroy some good chocolate. That being said, I am in the minority in my family who think that peanut butter and chocolate combined are a gift from God. Thanks for posting this. I think I may have found my husband's Valentine's Day gift.

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