Back From Our Camping Trip

Wow, those were 2.5 amazing days on our camping trip. We really had a terrific time- its a toss up which family member enjoyed it more, because we all had such an amazing experience. The kids really thrive outdoors, and honestly, so do Mike and myself.

As fun as it was, I'm exhausted though. Need a vacation from our vacation. :-D

So I'll just leave you with a few pics for now as a preview, and the rest of the pics as well as my whole write up on the topic, will be another post. (In fact, I think I may break it up to 2 or 3 posts- one on how it was, what we did, etc... one on what we brought, what we recommend bringing, etc... how to make your own trip a success, and one with the menu plan, etc...)

Our tents and view in one direction, and the way back home...

 photo IMG_20130328_073812_zps2bf1a635.jpg

Our gorgeous view in another direction, directly beyond our campsite.

 photo IMG_20130328_073738_zpse10ec97f.jpg

Our view in another direction, directly opposite our campsite.

 photo IMG_20130328_073712_zps463a4b50.jpg

Ike posing next to a campfire "chair" Mike built out of rocks.

 photo IMG_20130329_083124_zpsf029ee57.jpg

Hope you have a great weekend! When was the last time you went camping? What do you think of our campground? Would you have liked to camp in a place like that?

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  1. Hi Penny. Want to let you know enjoyed the pics very much. Really looked like a great place for camping ... wide open space, wonderful view.

  2. Im not much of à camper(especially spending the night outdoor part) but I can See that you had à great time ! We used to go camping very often when I was young and i still keep Nice memories.

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