Going Camping!

I've been waiting for this day for 7 or 8 years... I grew up going camping every year, often twice a year, usually in a tent but sometimes also in cabins. A few weeks after our wedding, we went camping with my family, but it was in a really stupid place- in the backyard of a cottage, and we werent allowed to build a bonfire. Totally felt idiotic to be camping there, and it didn't fill my desire to go camping.
And then since then, camping wasn't a possibility because we had no car with which to transport our stuff, and then even if that wasn't an obstacle, the kids were at ages where I didn't feel comfortable camping with them.
But now that Anneliese is walking, I really, really wanted to go camping.
A friend of mine also wanted to go camping with her family, so we decided that we'd camp together.

We remembered that there is a forest and meadow walking distance from our home, so decided that we'll camp over there.
My husband is on spring break now, so it's perfect timing.
Decent weather- cool but not too cold, and sunny.

So today we're going out camping. We'll be back friday, and I'll tell you all about our trip.

But this is a pretty much zero expense vacation- we borrowed our tents and the rest we just used what we had in the house. Only expense is food, which, honestly, is not much more expensive than we would be eating anyhow now with my husband's seasonal allergy friendly diet.
We plan on supplementing what we're bringing with stuff we forage.

See you when we come back!

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  1. Camping's the best! We go every year too. Have fun!

  2. Exciting! My husband and I both have memories of camping from when we were children. He's been wary of going with our kids because of the work involved. But we now have a tent, so I guess we're committed to try it once the weather warms.

    I'm curious to hear how your trip goes. Happy foraging!

    1. Honestly, I didn't find the kids to be hard. They were easier to handle camping than they are at home- every last one of them. How old are your kids?

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  4. Have fun! Sounds great, I love camping but have not gone since I have been married. Hoping to go for my bday this year!

  5. Enjoy your time with your family and friends! :)

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