Menu Plan Monday- In Retrospect- Our Camping Menu, etc...

 photo 100_7012_zps2c33c209.jpgIt's been a while since I last shared a menu plan, and I'm sure some of you are just dying to know what we ate this past week, being as we were camping and all...  ;) This week was far from a typical week for us food-wise, as my husband is on his special seasonal allergy diet (pretty much grain free) in addition to me being egg free and dairy free, in addition to us going camping, and having been away at my mom's house on Tuesday...
Haha, I also don't always make meals this elaborate, this was a fancy food week for us.

So, what did we eat this week?

Tuesday, at my Mom's house (I made most of it, but not all) we had:
Breakfast- homemade cereal with almond milk, bananas, and raisins. I'd share the recipe for the cereal but it was a little too crunchy- when I perfect it, I'll share it.
Lunch- stuffed mallow leaves, roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, eggplant roll ups.
Supper- fish, potatoes, peppers in a tomato/lemon/cilantro/ginger sauce

Wednesday we were at my mom's house in the morning, came home midmorning, and then went out on our camping trip in the afternoon. Supper was made over a bonfire.
Breakfast- homemade cereal with almond milk, bananas, and raisins
Lunch- stuffed mallow leaves, scrambled eggs
Supper- hot dogs, grilled turkey breast with paprika, garlic, salt, pepper, roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted bananas. Yes, roasted bananas- I threw green bananas and yellow bananas, peel on, into the fire, and when charred, I removed the peel and ate the inside- heavenly!

Thursday was camping, everything was made over the campfire.

 photo IMG_20130328_073647_zps22176a32.jpg

For Breakfast I made hash browns with potatoes, onions, garlic, salt, and pepper in my cast iron frying pan over the campfire, and then when that finished cooking (it cooked much faster than I expected), I made scrambled eggs with scallions for everyone (we were with another family) and made chicken breast with lemon and garlic for myself, and served a fennel, tomato salad with lemon and mallow flowers that I foraged. I got raving compliments from everyone (even the picky eaters) on the breakfast, so I would say it was a hit.

 photo IMG_20130328_081933_zpsa2151a14.jpg
For the record, we rarely ever buy disposables. Camping was one exception.
 photo IMG_20130328_172246_zps57641ff1.jpgFor Lunch we had guests visiting our camp, so I made quinoa in a covered pot over the bonfire, cooked with carrots, onions, and when it finished cooking, I let it cool and added yellow raisins and walnuts. I then used the same pot and used it to make a large vegetable stew (feeling the lack of vegetables eaten the day before) with butternut squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, zucchini, fennel, tomato paste, garlic, salt, oregano, to which I added blanched foraged greens- wild mustard, dandelion and sow thistle. For some extra protein, we roasted some chicken thighs seasoned with tomato paste, garlic, salt, and pepper. For a drink, I made a tea out of foraged red clover, wild fennel, and wild chamomile, sweetened with raw honey. Since I didn't have a strainer, I made the tea and then rubber banded a piece of clean cloth over the opening of the bottle, and voila, strained tea!
Another hit meal- there was absolutely nothing left of it, despite making huge quantities.

Supper I realized I had packed way too much meat for our camping trip, and since our camping buddies had gone home, I wanted to use up as much of the meat as possible so it wouldn't spoil. We had shish kebabs made with chicken breast, tomatoes, onions, zucchini and mushrooms. I also took some aluminum foil, placed a bunch of sliced potatoes on the bottom, some sole fish on top of that, some sliced onions an tomatoes and lemons on top of that, sprinkled it with salt and pepper, and closed the aluminum foil on it, and then placed it in my cast iron skillet on the campfire to cook.

 photo IMG_20130328_180742_zps881690c9.jpg

For snacks on our camping trip, we ate oranges, apples, dates, almonds, almond cookies, and marshmallows.

Friday morning we woke up early and camp back from our camping trip, and ate breakfast when we got home.
Breakfast- blueberry pancakes made with almond meal, cooked quinoa, ground flax seeds, and green banana
Lunch- Scrambled eggs, leftover grilled chicken, tomatoes
Supper- Moroccan inspired fish, allergy friendly chicken nuggets with homemade ketchup, mashed potatoes, quinoa craisin spice cookies, almond honey raisin cookies, and apple compote.

 photo IMG_20130329_180216_zpse4add935.jpg

Breakfast- quinoa craisin spice cookies (when you have cookies that healthy, no reason not to have them for breakfast!)
Lunch- Moroccan fish, allergy friendly chicken nuggets with homemade healthy ketchup, mashed potatoes, quinoa craisin spice cookies, almond honey raisin cookies, and apple compote
Supper- baked potatoes with cashew rejuvelac vegan cheese, tomatoes, and olive oil

 photo IMG_20130331_114131_zpse798e0c5.jpg

Breakfast- Homemade cereal, bananas, almond milk
Lunch- Potato crackers, guacamole, cashew rejuvelac vegan cheese, tomatoes
Supper- Chicken soup with dumplings, quinoa sushi with grain free terriyaki sauce, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, cauliflower popcorn

 photo IMG_20130331_150154_zps6a2372b7.jpg

Breakfast- almond milk honey pudding
Lunch- dairy free beef stroganoff over sweet potato and carrot pasta, cauliflower popcorn
Supper- roasted potatoes, beef stroganoff, apple/pear crumble

What did you make for meals this past week?
Any recipes you'd be interested in?

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  1. Whoa that looks so good!

    How long do you spend in the kitchen each day? I only cook twice a week and I feel that wears me out. Go you for all that, I'd be passed out on the kitchen floor lol!

    1. Haha, it depended on the day. This week I did stuff that was more labor intensive than typical. I probably spent an hour or less cooking each day on average...

  2. I am a huge fan of your blog and the honesty in your postings. I would love the recipe for your allergy free chicken nuggets!- Amanda in Texas

    1. Thanks Amanda! Hopefully I will get those posted today!

  3. Can I ask you how you kept your little ones amused while you cook when they were around the six-month mark? I currently pop him in his carseat and give him a few "new" toys (I cycle them, so every few days there's something "new") and talk to him, but he starts getting restless about halfway through. Babywearing is something he won't tolerate for very long if I'm just going to be at home (he'll happily sit in the mei tai for an hour if we're out and about, but less than 15 minutes if I'm just putzing about).

    1. I'm lucky/unlucky in that my kids REALLY REALLY love to be worn, so wearing them was always my fallback option. Personally I hate babywearing around the house so only do it if i feel i have no choice. When I just had one, I actually did less from scratch cooking than I do now, and now my older kids entertain my younger ones when I need my hands free. Or I try to cook when the baby is sleeping. And rarely, if I'm really pressed for time, I'll put the baby down and let her cry for while I do the few things that I need my hands free. I do a lot of cooking with a "hip growth" as well, and even while nursing. :-D My kids love being in a high chair near me while I'm cooking, on my level so they can see what is going on.

    2. I'm just waiting until my LO gets to the point where he can sit and we can get him a high chair. I'm pretty sure he's interested in what I do, but he can't see anything from his careseat.

  4. Did you make the cashew cheese? If so please share the recipe!

    1. Yea I made it. I didnt measure out the ingredients when I made it this time- next time I will and I'll record it so I could post it. It tastes like feta.

  5. please post a homemade cereal recipe!

  6. Moroccan food is very healthy. Did you try tajine ?

    1. Yes I have, more than once. I am in love with moroccan food- never met a moroccan dish I didn't like.

  7. Wow, what a tasty week! I am watching for a sale on eggplants so I can try those rollups.

    My 8-year-old son and I did the clean-up after our church's Maundy Thursday supper and coordinated the reception after the Easter Vigil service on Saturday. We were able to use a lot of Thursday's leftovers on Saturday, and then some of Saturday's leftovers could be served at the Easter Sunday coffee hour, and we also brought home food that is worked into our dinners this week! Here's my account of the party food and leftovers.

    1. Thanks! Hope you like the roll ups! Free food is awesome- so great you were able to get that after the church supper!

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