Frugal Accomplishments This Week

It's that time again where I share with you all the fabulously frugal things I've done this past week- hopefully to inspire you and show you ideas where money can potentially be saved.

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Here's what I did to save money this past week:

Frugal In The Kitchen:
Made a smoothie for breakfast with wild mallow leaves.
Made a foraged nettle and super cheap produce smoothie.
Made homemade marinara sauce.
Made homemade gluten free mini pizzas.
Brought along lunch when I went to the city with the kids so I wouldn't need to buy.
Made lentil soup for lunch and supper, cut down the amount of olive oil in the recipe to save money
Made homemade pumpkin pie all the way from scratch. When the squash wasn't sweet enough, instead of tossing it, I compensated by using extra healthy sweeteners.
Made homemade jaggery syrup.
Made homemade gluten free bread.
Made homemade gluten free ginger cookies.
Made porridge for breakfast.

Revamped Leftovers
Made rice pudding from leftover rice.
Took leftover chicken soup, added leftover marinara sauce, a mushy tomato, and the leftovers from an open can of mushroom to make a tomato vegetable soup that tasted divine.
Served a cheapo lunch of salmon heads marinated in homemade miso, mallow leaves cooked in the leftover fish marinade, and reduced rack zucchinis and pumpkin.
Made chicken broth with leftover zucchini and water from steaming pumpkin.
Made curry with foraged nettles, past prime tomatoes, onions, and zucchini and chicken left from making chicken soup.
Used chicken drippings and an open can of tomato paste plus past prime zucchini and tomatoes and avocado to make a GAPS legal taco style soup.

Frugal Shopping
Bought cheap overstock sneakers for Ike.
Stocked up on raw honey from the cheapest place I've ever seen it sold.
Bought 4 salmon heads cheaply from the fish monger.
Bought some wine, grape juice, and a few snacks from the scratch and dent store.
Bought some produce from the reduced rack stands at the farmer's market.

Foraged nettles, mallow, and wood sorrel.

After I got my pressure cooker cover stuck in the wrong pressure cooker, Mike made our unusable pressure cookers usable again by managing to get them apart. And then, after that, I thought the pressure cooker was broken, since it wasn't keeping the seal- then I realized that I'd put in the rubber gasket upside down- and fixed it- now it works perfectly.
Made homemade citrus peel vinegar for cleaning.
Printed coloring pages I got free online, on the back of used papers
I used the snake to try open up a slow drain in our bathroom.
I took apart the kitchen sink when it broke, and removed the broken screw with pliers that had corroded and stayed behind in the pipe... Had I not removed it, the entire pipe would have needed to be replaced.

What did you do to save money this past week?

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  1. Can I get your smoothie recipe for mallow? I have mallow growing in my yard and would love to try it! Thanks, Carrie

    1. I don't have a specific recipe I use for smoothies with mallow- I just use it as i'd use greens in any "green smoothie" recipe. Basically, I just add a few different fruits, maybe some avocado, some protein powder or tahini, and if i'd eat dairy or egg i'd add milk, yogurt, or raw egg. I think the day I used mallow I used beets, oranges, melon, dates, tahini, water, and protein powder. A different day I made a shake with nettles but it would work just as well with mallow- banana, guava, avocado, orange, tahini, nettles, and water. Just play around with whatever you have in your house.

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