Thanksgiving Menu and Recipe Roundup- Gluten Free, Egg Free, Low Cost and Healthy

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I haven't shared my menu yet! Can't have that happening!

I'm not making everything myself- my mom and I are splitting the work, but we've discussed the menu together and here's what we came up with. Everything on the menu is gluten free, egg free, and refined sugar free (with one exception).

Gluten Free Rolls. I'm making this recipe, which everyone seems to love.

Orange Soup. Not actually made with oranges, but rather, with all those yummy orange veggies- sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, a little zucchini and/or potatoes, and seasoned with nutmeg. Mom is making this.

Delicious Turkey Loaf- Whole turkeys are very hard to come by where I live (out of the US), not to mention expensive, but ground turkey is one of the cheaper types of meat, so my mom will be making my awesome turkey loaf recipe- though when I make it I usually spiral wild greens into it, but she'll be leaving that out.

Cornbread Stuffing, aka Traditional Cornbread Dressing- I made this cornbread which my mom will be turning into stuffing. Because I was running low on coconut sugar, I sweetened it with a little bit of homemade jaggery syrup. (I  left out the sugar, and then used the liquid of the jaggery syrup as part of the total amount of water needed for the recipe.) I used some mystery gluten free flour (that I ground, had lying around, but had no idea what it was) in the cornbread together with the corn meal.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes. (No recipe needed. Just bake them whole. Maybe sprinkle with a little cinnamon.)

Canned Cranberry Sauce. (Only less than healthy food at the table, only refined sugar.)

Some vegetable side dish, or maybe a few salads. Mom's in charge of this, so I don't know details.

Pumpkin Pie. Best. Recipe. Ever. Hands down. Gluten Free, egg free, allergy friendly, refined sugar free, and super delicious.

Ginger snaps. Haven't made these yet, still experimenting with the recipe, but once I finish, I'll share that.


Hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy, tasty, and stress free Thanksgiving!

What's on your menu for Thanksgiving? Are you doing healthy foods for Thanksgiving, or are you going to "splurge" and have some non healthy foods for Thanksgiving?

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  1. We had Thanksgiving a bit early, as kidlet was born on Thanksgiving Day. Nothing was obscenely unhealthy, until dessert: salted caramel pie and a birthday cake with more sugar and butter and food coloring than we normally eat in a month (food coloring--in a year).

  2. It's always ALL about the healthy in my family. Of course my dad makes the not so healthy things, but really my feasts are super healthy even if my dad has a stuffing with sausage in it. We don't do the sugary sweet potato casseroles or anything like that!

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