Frugal Accomplishments This Past Week

Hey there all, howzit going?
I'm doing very well, thank you for asking, and yes, I finally have a frugal week to share with you- it was a great week and it was a frugal week and it was fun and I hope you can all have a great frugal week- and I hope this coming well will be as accomplished as this last week was for our family.

Here's what we did to save money this past week:

My order of vanilla beans, from a wholesaler, so super cheap, arrived. Of course, I used it immediately to make ground vanilla to use in recipes.

Mike had a voucher for $15 to a few different stores that he got free. He took the voucher to one store that had a sale for buy one get one free, so got 2 cute, good quality, and stylish shirts for our buys, for $15... or rather, free. :-D 2 shirts for the price of... Free! Can't beat that!

I stocked up on bunch of cheap produce from the seconds store at the market.

I had a date with Ike and treated ourselves out to treats from the discounted coffee shop (gluten free and even paleo treats!)

I foraged lambsquarters, and then prepared them for myself for lunch one day.

Went to the zoo and brought along foods from home, so that I wouldn't have to buy while out. And since we have a zoo pass (bought for the kids as a gift, and for homeschooling use) it didn't cost us anything, so we just had a great family trip for free, essentially.

Made buckwheat porridge for breakfast.

Turned leftover rice and water from cooking gizzards into a yummy soup.

I made paleo pancakes for breakfast.

Made paleo porridge for breakfast another day. 

I made homemade coconut milk, and then made homemade coconut flour with the pulp left from making coconut milk.

I made a dairy free cheese sauce (Paleo approved) to make a tuna casserole type dish.

Anneliese and Ike and I foraged lemons and apples.

I made homemade pina colada ice cream.

I made homemade freeze pops for the kids.

I made 3 batches of soup from the same beef bones.

I turned bruised and leftover apples into a mock apple pie type dish.

I cooked up salmon heads for supper.

What did you do to save money this past week? Any accomplishments you're especially proud of?

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog-- this motivates me to document my frugal accomplishment each week. They're small now but I think that once I start seeing little improvements I'll be motivated to keep going on my frugal living journey.

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