Vietnamese Scallion Oil Recipe -- Mo Hanh -- Easy, Paleo, Vegan, Allergy Friendly

There has been a request for some super simple recipes here, which is why I'll share this one, even though it seems quite silly to me to share something so simple. But as people said when I shared my fried banana post, even if its not something complicated, it may be something that others wouldn't have thought to do, so why not share?

Last night I wanted to make a Korean style dinner, because I had leftover Korean cucumber salad, and ready fermented wild mustard, carrot, and fennel kimchi (which came out awesomely, by the way), and a bunch of wild salsify greens that I wanted to cook up. I figured that to go with the theme, I'd make them Korean style (recipe/method to come soon).
For lunch I had been super lazy and just threw a batch of chicken wings into the oven to roast, not even salting or spicing it whatsoever, just 100% plain. Recently I'd read about a scallion oil garnish that sounded good, so I threw together my own batch and topped the plain chicken wings with that. It was divine, and completed the Korean theme!

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Or so I thought...

Because when I tried to go back and find that recipe on, my go to source for delicious Korean recipes, I couldn't find it. And then remembered that I had originally seen it on, My chicken wings were Vietnamese then, not Korean. Though, cooking Korean foods a lot, and being familiar with their various commonly used ingredients and many of their recipes, I wouldn't be surprised to find scallion oil in a Korean kitchen, albeit with a different name than Mo Hanh.

Mo Hanh might have specific recipes in some places, but this is more a general idea than an exact recipe, because proportions don't matter so much.

Once you have your scallion oil, you can use it however you like, to add a nice touch to dishes that might be more plain.
Ideas I read to do with this oil is to use it to top eggs, plain pasta (wheat or rice noodles), in salads, on potatoes or other roasted veggies, etc... Its versatile. I would use this drizzled on my bibimbap, nokdu bindaetteok or okonomiyaki, or fried rice. Use your imagination- it'll taste good pretty much on anything. I'm thinking it would be spectacular on mashed potatoes blintzes or peirogi even!

I actually didn't use scallions for my recipe- I used onion greens from my garden, and you can use any allium greens for this if you want, whether chives or garlic greens or wild allium greens such as ramsons or wild leek or napolitan garlic. Every allium will impart a different taste to the oil, but all will be good.

Vietnamese Scallion Oil Recipe -- Mo Hanh -- Easy, Paleo, Vegan, Allergy Friendly

Mildly flavored oil of choice (preferably one that stays liquid when cold)- I used sunflower oil for this, and would use any nut oil or avocado oil, but olive oil could also work, just will have a different flavor. The original recipes I saw called for soy and canola oil, so you can use that too if you use those oils.
Scallions, chives, onion greens, or other alliums of choice
Salt (optional)

1. Chop up your scallions or other allium greens. Place them in a cup or container or dish of choice.

2. Add enough oil to cover the scallions/allium greens.

3. Add salt if desired. I added about a teaspoon of salt to my cup of onion greens and oil.

4. Mix well.

5. Let the mixture sit. The longer the scallions sit in the oil, the more the oil will be saturated with the flavor of the scallions, but you can use it immediately. I do suggest letting it sit at least 15 minutes first.

6. If you want, you can put the whole thing in a food processor/blender, and if desired, strain out the solids, but I don't mind the pieces.

7. Enjoy! Store in the fridge and it should last at least a week.

Ever make scallion oil before? What is your favorite way to use it? Does this look like a recipe you'd try?

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