Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Anneliese's New DIY Haircut

My nearly 6 year old daughter, Annelise, has gone through all sorts of permutations with her hair. First long-ish, then with bangs, then short into a pixie cut, then grown out, and it had nearly reached her lower back, and in my opinion, was so beautiful on her, and I was able to do all sorts of beautiful hairstyles on her. 

But every single morning, brushing her hair has been a fight. 

With hair that long, there is more room for knots, and brushing takes longer, and hair gets more tangled. Every time we'd brush, no matter how gently I'd be, she'd cry that it hurts her.

A friend who had long hair until recently came over to play with her, and that friend got a short, layered haircut, and it looked so cute on her, and Anneliese asked if she could have a short haircut too.

I told her that if she cut her hair short, she wouldn't be able to have braids anymore, or other fancy hair styles. She said she is fine with that, as long as it means brushing won't hurt as much anymore. 

For a few days already she asked me "Is today the day I'm going to get a haircut?" Today I finally had some time, so first snapped this picture to show the before... only her hair looks a little bit funny because she had some pony tails on the side today so it makes her hair stick out in random weird angles...

So then I simply chopped away in a straight like in the back, cutting it straight all the way across.

I then pulled out her hair in sections, bit by bit, to the side, and cut the hair so that each hair was the same length from her head, so that way when it fell, it would fall in layers.

I did that the whole way around, and then made any corrections I could see. The front ended up being a little shorter than the back, but that's cute too.
I like layered haircuts, because they are much more forgiving, don't need to be as perfect to look good, and they also end up framing someone's face much better.

After her haircut, I bathed her so her hair would lay normal, and once dry and in pajamas I took these final pictures.

I think it came out really cute.

Much, much shorter than it originally was, but long enough that I can still make a pony tail and pigtails for her.

I'm really glad my mother gave me haircuts growing up, showed me that this is something that you can easily do at home and don't usually need to pay a professional hair stylist to do.

 She also taught me how to cut hair, starting with her, and then my sisters.

I may not be the most professional hair cutter, but I think I do a pretty decent job.

And I'm really glad that hair cutting isn't an expense that ever comes up in our family, as I do my boys with a buzz cutting machine, my husband buzz cuts his own hair, and I can do my daughter and myself with scissors well enough. (Little Rose's hair has never grown long enough for a haircut yet, sadly enough. Really slow growing, still at 3.5, not long enough to style her hair as she wants me to.)

In your house, do you go to the hair dresser or barber shop, or do you cut your own hair? What was it like in your family, growing up? 


  1. I do all the haircuts here. My boys are really into the latest "undercuts" and fancy boy styles so I watch a bunch of youtube videos and go for it. My son debuted his newest hair yesterday and a bunch of boys asked where he got it cut and he said "my mom". My daughter is always various lengths of all the same length so she is easy and 2 minutes. Husband is buzz cut. I have curly so I usually just start cutting and have someone help with the back.

  2. great haircut! she looks so sweet!

  3. I like her haircut! I have done mine for about 12 yrs now and recently saw a youtube video when you twist all your hair together and snip several inches- when released it comes in waves and layers.You can do back and front in separate twists.It has been a life (money) saver for me.I do it after shower even without a mirror anytime I think ends are splitting.It is a very forgiving trick.

  4. We do like you, I do the girls and myself, hubby does the boys and himself. I also wear a wig and I wash/style them myself which avoids another potentially large expense. I grew up that way too, except my father used to get his hair done at a barber monthly.
    2 of my girls are the same age as your girls and like yours, my three year old's hair has not yet grown long enough to cut. My 5 1/2 year old just recently went from very long to short too. She came home from school after the haircut and said her teacher asked where she got her hair done, and upon hearing her mother did it, asked if I give others hair cuts as well. I was so flattered!!

  5. Its a shame you chopped off such pretty hair. My question is why are people obsessed with brushing? My mother used to do that to me starting up at the roots and yanking the brush through my hair and she was rough. Always kept my hair chopped short because she wore a butch style. My husband strarted cutting my hair for me shortly after we started dating and as my hair grew he used a wide ooth comb to comb out my hair working first near the ends and then working up to my scalp. No pain and great results. I also learned to never brush wet hair, it causes breakage. If you must brush, comb long hair out with a wide tooth comb. I never get knots using this method.
    It is great that your mother taught you how to wield the shears. My husband had a girlfriend decades ago that was a hair dresser, that didn’t trust the pros with her hair, so she taught him to cut hers. And when friends, especially ladies with long hair find out he knew how, he had plenty of requests. So he had a lot of experience before we met. He uses the proper tools, hair clips, rat tail comb, sharp hair shears and the styling cape when he does mine as well as being very meticulous with the sectioning, ensuring it is even and doing as I ask, not getting scissor happy on me. I bought a set of wahl clippers to do my boys, as they need theirs cut monthly. I’m not good with the clippers or shears, so hubby does them now as well monthly. Great job every time, it saves me hundreds a year having him do mine and the children. My best friend even has my hubby trim her hair and my mother fired her salon and prefers getting free haircuts from him as well. I really do think some people just have the knack for it and can do a great job. My husband’s mother and two of his aunts always cut hair at home and even gave haircuts to other family members and friends. I however am not so good, my boys fired me after the first haircut. I got nervous and had hubby finish them, next time boys told me no, hubby knows what he is doing, that they wanted him to do it. So it is great you have the talent to do it. I do love my hair long and have my hubby give me french, dutch, fishtail and side braids. I love how they look and get a lot of compliments. My niece asks for a braid when she comes to visit, I think it is so cute watching the two of them together as he gives her a braid. She told her mom she was going to come live with us so she could get her hair braided before school in the morning.

  6. i do my husband and son's buzz cuts. my husband's bangs aren't as nice anymore, but it's worth the savings. my husband cuts my hair. daughter #1 needs a trim badly and i haven't gotten around to it yet. her hair is curly, though, so mistakes don't show. daughter #2 is still a baby and her hair isn't long enough to tie yet. her siblings both needed theirs tied at her age.

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