My Husband Fixed Our Washing Machine!

As a mother of four kids, you can imagine our washing machine gets really heavy use. I'm also not so great at keeping up with the laundry, so often when I get down to it, I have a bunch of loads to do in one go. For example now we have about two large laundry baskets in desperate need of washing.
And yesterday I noticed that our washing machine wasn't working. I mean it would start, but it didn't matter how many times we reset it, it would always stop at a certain point in the cycle.

I asked Mike to take a look at it this morning, but no matter what he did, no matter what cycle he put in or what buttons he pressed same thing.

On our old washing machine there was this little place we could open and we would be able to check if there was anything in it, stopping the pump from emptying things out, but our washing machine is new and didn't look like it had one. We didn't see any openings in the machine other than the main ones.

I was just about to despair, and even posted in a local Whatsapp group asking if anyone had a washing machine we could borrow, when Mike managed to fix it!

He looked up our washing machine brand online, and found an instruction manual online, that showed us that there was a bottom part of the machine that can come off, and how to open it up.

Voila, it worked! The bottom part came off and exposed this opening, which unscrewed. When unscrewing it, all the water in the machine comes pouring out. It makes a huge mess. But after doing so, my husband was able to check inside and there were some things that were stopping it from being able to spin properly and take out the water.

Once my husband took out those items and put the machine back together, it all worked terrifically. 

Yay! I really appreciate how handy my husband is! It means we can save tons of money on repairs, because typically he's able to repair things himself. No new washing machine, no paying for a repair person, and now our laundry is able to be done.

And now to catch up on mount washmore! 

Are you or your spouse (if you have one) handy? What types of things are you usually able to fix/do yourself because of your handiness?

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  1. My washing machine has a hose to drain slowly when you open the filter. You put the end of the hose in a pan and keep dumping out the water from the pan every so often until it's empty. It takes a long time but makes a lot less mess.

  2. So after Mike found and opened the filter, what was stuck in there?
    I have found coins, buttons, bobby pins,screws.

  3. You're lucky to have a such a talented husband.

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