Friday, June 15, 2018

Organo Gold Takes The Legend Of Coffee To Supreme Sophistication And Health

Just this morning, I was talking to my dad about my perpetual exhaustion, and he asked me if I drink coffee. When I told him no, he said that in his opinion, life isn't worth living without coffee. That's a common sentiment. I used to hate coffee, then I learned to love it and drank it daily. Unfortunately last year my psychiatrist told me that I'm not allowed to have coffee or any other stimulants, because it would make my anxiety worse. Going off of it, I did see a big difference, but I do miss my coffee. For those of you who are coffee lovers, here's something interesting about the history and culture of coffee.

When you really think about it, coffee has some interesting and powerfully strong roots.

The popular beverage is consumed by millions of people on the daily, and most could not imagine their world without that first cup of morning joe. The News Version recently took a deeper look at the staple and how it has been able to maintain its delightful place in culture and history.

No one is exactly sure where coffee was born so many centuries ago, but there is evidence that the beverage seemed to evolve in the Middle East in countries like Turkey, Syria, Persia and Egypt. Those regions fell in love with the staple around the 16th century, and after that, the incredible tropical shrub never looked back. Coffee reached Europe by the 17th century and was enjoyed as a social activity and served in homes, at businesses and the coffee houses of days gone by.

As the years rolled along, the dark black beverage went through multiple, creative changes and developed into a wonderful variety of flavors, textures and aromas. Every region had its perfect blend, recipe and way to enjoy it.

For instance, in Turkey, a cup of coffee was uber strong and exotic. People there even used the coffee grounds to read their fortunes. In Brazil, coffee took on a lighter tone with super strong joe and hot milk. Children also enjoy the café com leite in Brazil, and why not? The country happens to produce about 40 percent of the coffee served around the globe.

Then, there is Canada and its obsession with the staple. The country boasts one of the highest consumption rates internationally.

These days, coffee is a serious business, and the beautiful beverage has become impressively sophisticated. Organo is a fine example of rich, gorgeous blends that fans cannot get enough of. Organo Gold coffee products are much more than their incredible flavors and scents.

The Organo Gold brand was launched in 2008 by businessman Bernardo Chua of the Philippines. He developed a healthy coffee and other beverage products that contained Ganoderma lucidum from the lingzhi mushroom. The Ganoderma contains amazing herbal properties that have been found to power the immune system of the human body, fight cancers and keep the body functioning with high energy and alertness.

Organo coffee has exploded into a splendid drink that will please the palette of every discerning beverage lover. There is Organo Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Supreme, Hot Cocoa, Green Tea, Red Tea and Black Ice.

There are also popular supplements and personal care items that have been developed to maintain a fit physique both inside and out.

Organo's not only a delicious beverage but a healthy lifestyle packed with quality ingredients where the hot beverage conveniently arrives at your doorstep.

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