Secrets To Have A Frugal Wedding On A Budget

Wedding season has begun, and many of my friends are planning their weddings now. As you all know, weddings can get extremely pricey, often causing large amounts of debt. There are ways, however, to keep down the price. Here's some tips on a reader on how to do it. 

A wedding can sometimes be a very expensive affair. In recent years, marketing and advertising campaigns have convinced grooms and brides into throwing large amounts of cash in this event. The average wedding will now run you roughly twenty thousand dollars or so. However, you really don't have to financially throw down the equivalent of a house down payment or a brand new car to celebrate the beginning of your union. There are several ways you can, costs when planning a wedding that doesn't necessarily translate to being cheap. Hereinbelow are a few secrets of how you can make this happen.

1. Make And Stick To Your Budget

Arranging a wedding on a budget that's frugal but not cheap, all starts with financial planning ahead. Set an amount that both you and your future husband/wife are comfortable with. Make sure to try as much you can to strictly stick to the amount you've set, and if possible even go under it. You'll inevitably come across costs and fees that you didn't anticipate. So ensure you know exactly where you need to be spending your money. If you can, try to direct at least half of your total budget to the beverages, food and venue.

2. Determine Your Sources Of Funding

Is this something you're going to finance yourselves or will friends and family members help you take on the overall budget? Some parents might want to help contribute to the wedding sometimes. Find out which of your family members and friends are willing to contribute to the total budget and determine how much they want to offer. But, before you take this money, make sure you've found out whether there are any strings attached. Also, make sure you give your benefactors realistic and reasonable estimates on how much to contribute and respect any of their limits.

3. Plan For Off-Season Dates

Try and land the wedding on dates before the month of April or after the month of October. In between those two months is usually a wedding peak season so prices for everything will be high. Also, try and pick any other day but Saturday to celebrate your union. Caterers and venues will charge you way more on summertime Saturdays. When you plan yours on days that don't usually have very many weddings going on, such as days during the winter season and such, you might find rates that are more reasonable.

4. Plan Ahead

Giving yourself a reasonable amount of time, like. say a couple of months or so, to plan the whole event will give you adequate time to do your research, create wedding invitations, look around for super deals or even sew your own dress, if that's something you think you may be capable of doing. Shopping or making bookings last minute will most times make things more expensive for you.

Having a frugal wedding doesn't necessarily mean it will have to look cheap. You can still manage to pull off a superb event even though you're working on a budget. It all really depends on how well you use the resources available to you. Hopefully, this article has shown you how you can cut the right corners when it comes to events of this nature.

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