Avoiding Allergies on Vacation

Fortunately my family doesn't deal with bad allergies (other than Mike) so these aren't such issues for myself, but for those that do, these tips for dealing with allergies on vacation that a reader sent to me will hopefully help you out.

Five tips on avoiding allergies if you plan to go on a long drive and vacation with your family

If your immune system is hypersensitive to natural substances in the environment, chances are you have a relationship with allergies which you are not very fond of. This thorny relationship can blossom arbitrarily at any time and place and without warning. Every season brings with itself its own set of allergies, and allergies can also result from widely present natural substances in our environment. A substance that is totally harmless for some can turn out to be a nuisance for those whose immune systems are sensitive to those particular substances. These substances include pollen, dust, mould, fungus and animal hair.

As you can see, these substances are present in abundance in the outdoors. In case you intend to go on a vacation where you will be spending time outside in nature, you must be wary of these substances and what to do if you are allergic to them. To add to this, substances like dust and mould are also not entirely non-existent inside hotel rooms, so you probably aren’t safe inside either. So, if you don’t want your excursion to be ruined by high temperatures, runny noses and coughs, you must take specific steps to ensure an allergy-free experience.

Making your surroundings allergy-proof:

You can prevent allergies by taking some precautions that will save you from a whole lot of hassle. If you are allergic to pollen, you can keep your hotel or car windows shut on a windy spring day. Moreover, take care to take a bath when you come from outside. This is meant to remove any allergens that you have brought in with you. This not only protects you but also keeps your family safe. Furthermore, when pollen is in the air or the area you live in is experiencing dust storms, it is a good idea to wear a mask.


An EpiPen is an adrenaline auto-injector used to treat immediate and severe allergic reactions. An auto-injector is a device which can deliver an appropriate dose of any drug. It is designed explicitly for self-administration, with the option to adjust the depth of the needle and in turn the dose of the medicine inside the device. When needed, it can be pressed against the body and with the press of a button, the needle goes inside the body to deliver the drug. An EpiPen is filled with adrenaline and is used for the immediate treatment of anaphylactic shock, an allergic reaction that leads to breathing difficulties, swelling of the tongue, throat, nasal passages, and can even lead to the victim becoming unconscious. It usually occurs when the immune system reacts overreacts to seemingly simple food, medicine or insect bites.


Antihistamines are medicines used to treat the common cold and everyday allergies caused by pollen, dust and animal hair. These medicines are readily available and are considered over-the-counter drugs as one does not require a prescription from a doctor to buy them. Antihistamines are used for short-term treatment for minor allergies like coughing, sneezing, congestion and hives. One such antihistamine is Telfast, available at Click Pharmacy, an oral antihistamine used to treat hayfever and seasonal rhinitis. Hayfever includes symptoms like sneezing and a runny nose while rhinitis, caused by pollen or dust, leads to inflammation of the inside of the nose. Telfast contains fexofenadine, which helps to ameliorate the symptoms of these allergies.

Nasonex nasal spray:

Nasal allergies can lead to a congested or runny nose, sneezing, itchiness and inflammation inside the nose. Nasal allergies can be dealt with a nasal spray, which has a tiny tip that can be inserted inside your nasal cavities to spray the liquid inside. An effective nasal spray is Nasonex nasal spray, which is used for the treatment of symptoms of rhinitis, typically the inflammation of the nose resulting from allergens like pollen, dust and mould. Nasonex contains mometasone, which decreases inflammation.

Natural allergy relief:

If you intend to go on a vacation and have either forgotten to take the above-mentioned products or the place you are making a trip to has no medical stores nearby, you can compensate this with natural substances that are readily available.

First and foremost, you should keep garlic with you which happens to be a natural antibiotic and does not only help in preventing allergies but also helps to fight viruses and infections. Lemons also give a significant boost to your immune system and are a useful fruit to relieve your allergies. You can sprinkle your tea with lemon or just make lemonade, and that will also get you through a hot day. In case allergens have managed to find a way inside your body, you can inhale steam from a warm bowl of water which can help to open up your nasal passages. Moreover, green vegetables like spinach and kale are a source of vitamins and anti-oxidants and facilitate the reduction of inflammation. Also, taking raw honey can do wonders for one’s immune system; no surprise that it has been used to treat illnesses since ancient times. A spoonful of raw honey can help you build a tolerance for allergens like pollen that wreak havoc on your immune system.

If you keep in mind the natural remedies, the ways to prevent allergies, and the anti-allergy products mentioned above, you will be able to avert allergies and will also successfully mitigate them in case of prevention fails. The natural remedies and the ways to prevent allergies are simple, and the anti-allergy products are readily available at medical stores. There shouldn’t be a reason to ruin your vacation and keeping these tips in mind shall ensure a good and happy trip free of the nuisance produced by relatively innocent and harmless substances of nature.

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