My Latest Goodies from the Clothes and Houseware Share

I'm teaching a private foraging and cooking class this Thursday to a group of nature minded tourists coming to visit my country. I've gotten good enough at identifying and teaching about edible wild plants that I am able to just go to an area, even if its an area I've never been to before, and teach a class there and cover so many different edible plants. However, when it comes to my foraging and and cooking classes, because what is available changes from season to season and year to year, before I teach a class that entails a portion in which we cook plants that we forage together, I first go check which plants are growing then, so I can plan our menu accordingly.

On Monday I went to check out the location where I intended to do my foraging class on Thursday, and after finding wonderful amounts of amaranth and dock, which I can use as the bulk of my greens with which to prepare our meal, I realized I had a decent chunk of extra time before my next appointment, so I called the lovely woman who runs the clothes and houseware share in the neighborhood there and popped in for a visit.

I'm never disappointed when I go there, as the place is bursting with wonderful goodies, all free, all that people got rid of because they were decluttering. This time, though I had only 30 minutes in which to peruse, I still came home with wonderful goodies. More time would have yielded me even more wonderful things, only I didn't come with my usual collapsible wagon that I bring when I tend to bring home lots of things, so this really was the limit of how many things I could take with me.

I found two cute plaid shirts for my son, Lee, who is a rather particular and fashion savvy dresser. Unfortunately he only agrees to wear one of them, though I'm still trying to convince him of the second. (Both are expensive name brand stuff.)

I got a cute pair of tights for my youngest Rose as well as a shirt for her, and a fancy skirt each for Rose and Anneliese, as well as an adorable jean skirt for Anneliese.

For myself I found a sweet geometric patterned tshirt, and a multicolor wrap shirt for myself in just the colors that I like.

My son is a big fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and owns all of them on ebook. I found these two print copies of books in the series, including the movie diary which he's never read, and he was very excited about that.

The other books were just random ones that I saw and either looked good (I definitely judge a book by its cover!!!) or on two of the cases, were authors which I heard about before.

There were some great things that I really loved, but have no kids that would fit into them. This dress, for example, I couldn't pass up, so I brought it to my friend Hannah's house, for her baby.

Lastly, I found a large toaster oven. Mike's new place doesn't have an oven, and he doesn't really know how to cook. I've been trying to give him suggestions of easy foods to make the kids, but he said that he doesn't have the ability to bake because the toaster he has won't fit in a baking dish. This toaster oven is large enough, and can even cook two trays worth at a time, so the one who runs the clothes and houseware share put it away for him to pick up.

I love that this clothes and houseware share exists. It has all the amazing perks of a clothes swap, but you can come whenever it suits you, and its like going to the second hand store, but you don't even pay a single cent. The person who runs it is an amazing human being, and if you live in my area, send me an email to and I'll let you know where exactly it is.

Have you gotten any amazing free things lately? 

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  1. They have foldable, reusable bags that hold quite a bit that you could always carry in a purse. You just fold it and snap it so it doesn't unfold then pop it into a purse or backpack etc. You could carry several without taking up any more room than a pair of sweat socks folded up neatly. I bought one a decade ago and still have it. It holds an incredible amount and is quite sturdy. I generally use it for Costco13428709.
    Well, as always, I really enjoy your Share stores and am envious that you have so many and so many different kinds It's such a helpful set up and I wish they had them in the US. I also 13428709really admire how you just go out and teach classes. As an introvert I would never do that so my hat is definitely off to you! I hope you're safe and the family's well.


  2. So happy about your finds. Gorgeous dress for your friends baby girl. My Mom's church use to run a clothing closet like your local one. Unfortunately due to a change in the community, they had to close their church. Such a loss. I found the best frying pan there 15 years ago and I'm still using it. Keep up the great post. I'm still planning to go on a amaranth hunt in my yard as soon I get control of the mosquitos.

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