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I remember when I went to sleep away camp as a child we needed to put name tags in everything, and I remember ordering something through the mail, but it was the days before the internet so we didn't really have much choices and what arrived was really bad quality. Today though, there's so many more options for labeling things. Here's some more, from Nancy Evans. 

Personalizing your child's things has come so far. Do you remember the days growing up of carrying your lunchbox with your name scribbled across the top? The dull Sharpie marker could only do so much, and if someone had bad handwriting, it made personalized items look even worse. These days there are better ways to personalize and make labels last so items don't get lost. They can also look nice at the same time.

Stick On Labels

The best thing about labels that stick on to personalized items is they won't come off in the wash or even fade with everyday use. Labels stick to whatever you put them on and don't budge. If you need to remove it later, of course, you can, but the washed out marker look is gone forever. Labels in all different shapes, styles, and colors can easily be stuck on any type of surface.

Using Symbols for Labels

Some people worry about labeling belongings as predators have a way to use the child's name. It's a good idea to identify clothing on the inside. This way you can label the clothing for a certain person as well as keep the name out of plain sight. One of the neat ways many people use this way of labeling is to assign each child a color and/or a symbol. One child may have a star while another has a heart. You can easily sort through their laundry this way. There are hundreds of different designs you can use as well as simply using their initials or just a specific design without a name.

Different Designs and Colors

Labels are so much fun. You can find labels your kids will love at You can have your child pick their favorite design at LeeLee Labels to adorn all of their back-to-school items. From sequins and stars to dolphins and unicorns, the design options are endless. If they're too young to spell, they can locate their personal items by the certain design you have chosen. If your child is in daycare, they usually ask that everything is labeled so it's fun to mix and match with all of the different colors and designs. Older school children like to show off their lunch box labels, backpack labels, and even their clothing labels.

Camp Labels

Many children go to camps that last for weeks. Most of these camps say to bring a large trunk instead of a suitcase. These trunks are the most fun for campers because they can personalize them making them all their own. Their name isn't the only thing that can be sprawled across the top in the coolest design. They can also label all of the things inside their trunk the way they want in their own favorite colors and designs.

Organization Labels

The days can get very busy. You may have five events in one day and don't even know where to start. Summer starts and nothing is planned because you've been so busy you can barely breathe. Organizing is essential. One great way to organize events is to get writable labels for your planner. Stick a few on each day writing out the days so you can make the most of summer vacation for the kids without worry. Jot down a few things each week on the labels so they're organized in a nice fashion and easy for you to find when it's time to get out the door.

Allergy and Safety Labels

One type of label that goes beyond a name is the allergy and safety label. It's important to use labels if your child has a medical condition or a certain allergy. If your child cannot have nuts or has severe asthma, it's important to label their belongings so anyone in contact with them knows this specific thing. Old labels about allergy and safety were boring without color. These new labels have bright designs and symbols.

Bag Tag

If you want something totally different, a bag tag is a great way to personalize without using a stick on label. These tags come with a key ring and a ball chain so they easily attach to anything with a handle. They are perfect for backpacks and lunchboxes. Of course, they come in all sorts of designs and colors on metal.

Have fun picking out your favorite labels. Get organized by putting them on your items now that summer is almost here. Just think of being able to find all the items you have spent your hard earned money on or having your items returned to you. It's going to be a fun summer after all.

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