Saving Money on Bras

Sorry gentlemen, this post is just for the ladies.

I've written before about how important a properly fitting bra is, and I've gotten specifically fitted to get a bra that fits me well. But I've gained weight and my weight redistributed itself a lot and it got to the point where my bras were all really, really painful on me. But it is so hard as a single mom to justify spending more money on yourself, and though I had budgeted the money for it, I still couldn't bring myself to buy new bras, because it felt frivolous.

Eventually, though, someone knocked some sense into me and told me that I deserved to not be in pain from my undergarments, so I went to the one store locally that I know does a good job fitting for bras.

And I then understood why my bras were all painful. They were a few sizes too small. The wonderful shop keeper helped me find bras that were as cheap as possible there, but still fit me well. However, even the cheapest bras there were over sixty dollars a piece.

So I bought two, because I couldn't wear what I had anymore...

And then went home to do some frugal shopping.

And here's where it gets interesting.

I'm not sure why, but locally it's cheaper to buy things internationally than buying them locally.

Every single time I get measured for bras, I buy the bare minimum on the spot, and then buy more over the net.

I used to buy from, which has free international shipping if you order more than $30 worth, but this past time I bought from The difference in pricing is astounding.

Instead of $60 a pop for the cheapest bra, they are $10 and up (when buying a two pack) on Marks and Spencers and can be even cheaper on sale.'s pricing is similar.

And these are good quality bras, not "Walmart quality" or whatever. They have up to size K as well!

Yea, there's something a bit scary about buying undergarments without trying them on first, but both Next and Marks and Spencers have a good return policy and you can utilize that if the stuff doesn't fit you.

By the way, this is also what I do with glasses. I go locally to get my eyes tested, and buy a pair as needed. And then once I have that, I get all my backup pairs from

Shopping online is a great way to get high quality things for much less.

And it's super convenient too.

Ladies, where do you go bra shopping? Would you buy those online or only in person after you try them on?

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  1. I've been sewing my own, which sounds braggy but is really just practical. I'm small to start with and lost weight on top of it due to illness and a bra that fits is next to impossible to find. So I've been making bralike things out of a Regency-era stays pattern. This way I can fit it to me (the lacing will give me some flexibility), and I like the back support I get too. The stays don't take a lot of fabric, and I used cable ties for boning.

  2. Thank you for this. I am very wary of buying bras on line. I have found that, even with sizing, different makers' bras fit differently. But perhaps I will try.

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