Mountaineer Brand Products, A Review

When I got contacted by a representative from Mountaineer Brand to do a review of their products, I took one quick look and said that I didn't think it was relevant to me and my life, as it seemed a predominantly beard balm company, and I'm in the process of divorce, and my oldest child is still to young to need beard care products.

And then I found out that despite its initial impression, Mountaineer Brand has what to offer myself and my family, not just for people with beards, so they sent out their products to me for a review.

First off, before anything, I want to say that I really appreciate a company that promotes transparency and that what you want is what you get. I don't like when companies try to pass off something artificial as "natural" by giving it another name. Mountaineer Brand was started by Eric Young after he lost both his wife and mother to cancer, and he wanted to make sure to sticking to using only natural products without any artificial additives that can contribute to health issues. And every single item in their line has ingredients listed clearly on their website, so you can know what you're buying before it arrives at your door.

I must admit, I'm a sucker for pretty things, and when this package arrived from Mountaineer Brand, I was so excited. I felt like I was getting a gift, and I was so excited to use these things. Packaging is everything, and this company has got it right. I even got a nice thank you card in the box, which I assume regular customers aren't getting, but I felt such a personal touch, like I wasn't buying from some big corporation, but from a company who cared about me, so they got big points before I even tried anything out.

I told them a bit about my family before they sent me this box, but the actual contents of the box were a surprise to me, and a very pleasant surprise to boot.

So here's what I got:

Body wash, deodorant, mineral clay, a purple loofa, and beard balm.

Yes, beard balm, because it has other uses besides for just making beards soft and smell nice and be all smooth.

My 11 year old son Lee (who wants me to write that he's 12, since he's turning 12 in September!!!) is very into fashion and style. He's obsessed with his hair and uses more styling products in his than I do in mine. (Ok, I pretty much use none.) He uses a lot of gel for his hair to get it to lay and look exactly right, but it hardens and leaves gross residue in his hair, in my opinion.

We were told that Mountaineer Brand's beard balm would be perfect for his hair styling needs, and my son is thrilled. He uses it every morning in his hair to make his hair exactly how he wants it to look, and since the balm is in little containers he keeps one in his backpack, one at his dad's, and the rest at my house, so he always has it on hand when he wants to do a little touch up of his hair. It has the added bonus of making his hair smell great, and it doesn't leave gross residue behind or make his hair hard.

My son gives this beard balm a solid 10 out of 10.

Next up is the deodorant. I was really excited to try this, because I've heard for years about how bad the aluminum in regular deodorant and antiperspirant is, and how it can cause cancer and so many other issues, but at the same time, I didn't want to be all sweaty and gross, and didn't want to stink. I'd tried making my own homemade deodorant but it was messy and honestly didn't work so well.

And confession. The homemade stuff didn't smell nice, and I like when deodorant leaves me smelling wonderful, which is why I ended up using the store bought stuff even though I am concerned about its ingredients.

So I tried out this deodorant, not sure what the results would be. Its Lime and Sage smelling, and just looking at the ingredients, I was hopeful that it would work.

Well, I must say that since my initial trial day I've been using it every single day happily.

Ok, as I mentioned, I'm a sucker for nice smells, and I love that once I put it on, I smell nice for a long time afterwards, almost like I'm wearing perfume.

But no, that's not why I'm using deodorant. I want it to stop me from stinking and being all sweaty, and it works there too! Even in the heat of the summer, when I'm out all day and usually would sweat a ton, I am still smelling nice and fresh by the end of the day.

I am totally a convert. I don't think I'll go back to using anything else. This works well, doesn't have bad ingredients, is easy to use, and makes me smell good.

For this reason alone, I'm already going to be a regular customer of Mountaineer Brand.

The body wash (whoops, forgot to take off the confetti before photographing!) is also something I use every day and gets me very clean, squeaky clean even. Of course I use it with the loofa that came with it. Also all natural clean ingredients.

Last but not least, this healing mud... is pure bentonite clay. I appreciate the simplicity of the ingredients, but because of that, I can't say anything special about this product from this company, because there are many places that sell bentonite clay. I don't like that it doesn't have a weight listed on it, so I can't price compare it with other brands. That said, bentonite clay is supposed to be really good for your skin, and they suggest using this together with their apple cider vinegar rinse (which has other essential oils in it, not just plain ACV) to make a mask... but I'll confess that I don't take enough time for myself to just make a mask and let it sit on my face, so I haven't really gotten to try this out and see its benefits.

Overall, I would highly recommend Mountaineer Brand to anyone who wants health and beauty products that are without any unhealthy ingredients, and work well and smell nice.

The next items that I want to get from Mountaineer Brand is the lip balm, insect repellent, and itch relief. The sore muscle rub, slumbertime balm, and chest rub also sound good. To be honest, I'd love to try each of their products, because the ones I've tried so far have been quite wonderful.

I've noticed that Amazon doesn't list all their products, so check out their website for the entire line.

Oh, and they ship internationally, and their prices are competitive to boot.

All in all, I'm so glad I got contacted by a representative of Mountaineer Brand for a review. These views are entirely my own (and my son's) and not influenced by them.

See my disclaimer.

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  1. Hi Penny, thank you for sharing and reviewing these products. I never heard of the company and the deodorant is a winner by itself. The beard balm is an interesting product too. I hope you are doing well. You are going through so much. (hug)

  2. Hello I'm Lee all the things my mother said is 1000% true

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