Top 10 Ideas on How to Find Inspiration for Your Writing

As a writer, I know what it's like to have writers block and run low on ideas. Here's a post from Jeremy Reynolds with ideas on how to combat that and find inspiration. This can also help with inspiration for other forms of art, not just the written word.

Are you lacking inspiration for your writing?

Don’t worry for a second – it happens to the best of the best too. The question is…what tactics are you using to overcome your current setbacks? Well, in today’s post, I’m sharing the top 10 ideas to discover writing inspiration once again.

Travel Often

Traveling is an excellent idea that many writers seem to embrace when running out of inspiration for writing. When you travel, you’re exiting your comfort zone or the small bubble in which you presently live in every day.

Every new experience, stimuli, and information that you go through during your travels will help you build new mental connections and bridges between ideas. You might find a new passion that is worth your written words, or a new motivation to get better.

Watch the News

The newspapers and the TV news will help you stay up to speed with the recent trends and will offer you diverse topics to consider for your next topics.

If you’re preparing to write a fiction book, for example, checking the fiction industry news will help you define what success means, how difficult it is to get there, and a lot of good ideas that come from other talented writers to digest!

Latch onto Myths

If you have no idea how to start an article, you can start writing about popular myths. If you’re writing a book and look for stories and myths, then simply study myths all day and you’ll find your inspiration sooner than you can possibly imagine. Here’s a great resource for myths seekers.

Read Ancient Literature

You can get your inspiration for writing by studying ancient literature. The way authors expressed their ideas and thoughts is very relevant to you, mostly because you are able to witness different styles and truly out-of-the-box concepts. Find authors that inspire you and start reading their once-popular books!

Read Something You Hate

Inspiration for writers may come in various ways and through various strategies. Reading something you hate might help you get your writer inspiration faster than you think. The entire point is as follows:

Once you observe that you can do much better than the authors that you read, you’ll gain not only inspiration to write about the same (or other) topics but also a lot of confidence in your voice.

Talk to People

Talking to people can open you up to new ideas, perspectives, and connections. Whenever you feel like you’re “losing your mind”, talking to friends or even unknown people (that’s better) is going to lift your mood and spirits.

Take Notes About Random Things

Taking notes about random things can help you remember and feel various different experiences you have had in the past. For example, if you go to a Zoo and you feel angry because those animals are treated wrongly, note that down. If your neighbor has done a very weird thing, put it down.

At the end of each day, store the notes for later. Whenever running out of inspiration, simply re-read those random things and use them to change your mood.

Set Deadlines

Whether you’re an independent writer or an employee writer, you’re still going to have to answer deadlines. Your deadlines or your company’s deadlines – it doesn’t matter.

I find that I work best when I have a strict deadline. It helps me with my self discipline, and knowing that I can’t procrastinate anymore.

It is recommend that when editing your work, you take a break and rest and then look it over again with fresh eyes so spot mistakes. If you don’t have time for that, you can ask someone like at Australian Assignment Help to look over your work and help you edit before you turn it in.

Move Somewhere New

For those of you who have the option of moving somewhere new, simply consider it for a moment. Inspiration for writers doesn’t come easy, but it comes the moment you completely shift your focus towards different stimuli.

When you change your environment, your brain readapts and goes through an intense process of change. That change could be extremely useful for your inspiration because it’ll easily help you open your mind to different perspectives and ideas. New people, new experiences, new life.

You Are Not Your Thoughts and Emotions

If you want inspiration for writing, you need to move beyond thoughts and emotions. You are not your mind, though your mind is part of you. When you identify yourself with thoughts and emotions, you are perceiving life from a limited perspective. Whenever you feel like you’re “not in the mood” sit back and realize that your thoughts and emotions are everchanging.

You, on the other hand, are permanent. You get to decide when it’s a perfect time to write, and you decide whether this is going a productive day or not!


Writing inspiration doesn’t come from the sky. You need to be fully committed to the process and seek that inspiration every day through various strategies. It’s very important to remain consistent and to keep on improving your writing skills, self-control, and self-discipline. If inspiration’s truly on your mind and heart, you will very soon attract it!

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