Injured, Again...

I want to apologize in advance for the brevity of this post, it is just currently quite hard for me to type.

Today the kids and I met up with my friend and her kids at a skate park in a nearby city, for her to teach us how to skateboard.

The kids picked it up very quickly... and I, the first second I stood on the skateboard, fell flat on my bottom and my right wrist.

And my wrist hasn't stopped hurting since.

I let the children enjoy their time at the skate park. And I did try a few more attempts on the skateboard, holding my friend's hand the entire time, and only fell one more time...

After that, I went to the doctor, and told him that rotating my wrist at all makes me want to scream in pain, and he sent me to get x rays.

And on the way to get my x rays, I tripped and fell down hard again, and my phone fell into the street, fortunately managed to rescue it before it got run over.

Fortunately x rays show that it isn't broken. (But it still really hurts...) Which means that hopefully it will be healed in time for our camping trip Sunday.

But if you remember, this is by far not the first time I've written about getting injured. I got injured just last month in Greece, and injure myself at least a few times a year. Nearly every single time I got injured it was due to a fall, and nearly all falls were from not stepping correctly or my ankle twisting underneath me. Its concerning me enough that I've got a trip to the doctor planned to try to figure this out.

In the meantime... I need to figure out how to be productive and manage when my dominant hand isn't really able to be used.

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  1. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon. I have discovered that learning to snow ski or water ski seems to end with me in plaster or at least on crutches. I hope you manage ok with your camping trip.I am sure your lovely children will rise to the occasion and help Mom out when she needs help! X

  2. try looking down at the ground when you walk, it might help! wishing you speedy healing, Penny!

  3. If you can get comfrey root, wrap your wrist with it touching your skin. Native American medicine, works wonders. Also epsom salt soaks (magnesium sulphate). Diluted leftovers are great for watering plants. Hope you heal rapidly. ✌️

  4. Vanessa, that sounds fascinating! Does native american medicine offer any wisdom for a burst blood vessel? How about for weight loss?

  5. Hey Penny, Get well soon.!!!
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