Advantages Of Using Cold Press Juicers

I have a juicer, and I rarely use it. It's one of those centrifuge juicers, and in addition to it being a pain to clean, I find it such a waste to juice because so much stuff is left over afterwards. I try to repurpose the pulp but even so, feels like so much goes to waste. This post sent to me by a reader explains how I likely wouldn't have these issues with cold press juicers, which makes me interested in trying one out.

When it comes to weight loss and achieving optimum health, fruits and vegetables are a crucial aspect of a person’s diet. While eating these foods whole and raw is ideal, juicing is a great way to consume fruits and vegetables safely using cold press juicers.

Cold press juicers are now in-demand because of the health benefits and other advantages one can obtain using it. Continue reading below to find out more.

Juice Everything

As compared to centrifugal juice extractors, cold press juicers can juice everything, such as green vegetables, herbs, and wheatgrass with minimum waste. While most high-speed juicers tend to grind the fruits and vegetables, making a juice with pulp in it, slow-speed juicers yield increased percentage of pure juice.

Preserves the Nutritional Value of Fruits and Vegetables

With cold press technology, much of the fruit and vegetable juices are extracted without using heat caused by fast-moving parts. Conventional blenders or juicers produce friction, which causes increased temperature or heat production. Sensitive enzymes are then destroyed by hot blades of conventional blenders and juicers. This results in reduced nutritional value, as well as affects the taste of the juice.

On the other hand, cold press juicers use direct pressure in high amounts to extract juices from the fibers. It means that the juice is kept in its natural state with cold press technology, and the essential vitamins and minerals are preserved. The body rapidly absorbs and transports these vitamins and minerals quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Increased Shelf Life

As compared to other styles of juicing, cold press juices uphold longer integrity because of direct pressure juice extraction. Depending on the fruits and vegetables used, the shelf life of cold-pressed juices is about 2 to 3 days. You can keep a bottled cold-pressed juice fresh for 72 hours.

Centrifugal juicers tend to be incredibly fast, but heat is applied everywhere, losing living enzymes due to oxidation. This is evident when you let a glass of juice made from traditional juicers stand alongside a glass of cold-pressed juice. After some time, you’ll see the blender-made juice go brown sooner than the glass of cold-pressed juice.

Better Taste

Heat reduces not only the nutritional value of the final juice, but also affects its taste. Using blenders or centrifugal juicers leaves a plastic or metallic aftertaste. With cold press juicers, you can enjoy the natural taste of fruits and vegetables without the aftertaste. More importantly, you can benefit from the preserved nutrients to keep you healthy.

Provides More Health Benefits

The extraction process of centrifugally-produced juice causes a foamy texture due to premature oxidation. The foam consists of air bubbles that expose your juice to quick and continuous nutrient loss. This is why you have to drink centrifugally-produced juice within 20 minutes.

With cold-pressed juice, you’ll receive the real health benefits. The cold press method slowly and gently grinds the fruits and vegetables into a fine pulp. The little-to-no-heat method produces a juice with superior flavor and nutritional value, which contains five times the amount of essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes present in centrifugally-produced juice.

Customize Ingredients

Unlike traditional juicers, one can easily choose organic fruits and vegetables to make a delicious and healthy cold-pressed juice. Serve your kids a fresh fruit juice, like apple juice or veggie juice from your local farmer’s market.

You can use cold press on almost any food in plant form, from fruits and vegetables to spices and herbs. A cold press juicer can help you quickly customize ingredients. Also, it comes with a “reset” button.

Yields More Juice

A cold press juicer produces more juice for the same quantity of fruits and vegetables than conventional juicers. Also, cold press juicers can process nuts to make yummy cashew or almond or nut milkshake, which is impossible with traditional juicers.

Less Noisy

Cold press juicers have the advantage of being quieter than traditional juicers because they operate with lower noise. This means that you can use cold press juicers anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone. Also, you’ll avoid blockages and noise present in conventional juicers. Invest in a high-quality cold press juicer that you can use for many years to come.


Retain the nutritional value of your favorite fruit and veggie juices using cold press juicers. Gain a higher amount of juice and tons of health benefits of using a cold press juicer. Enjoy serving fresh cold fresh juice to your family and friends without worrying about the aftertaste. Cold press juicers are more than a fad, and using one is your gateway to improved overall health.

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