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I think I've been really lucky in discovering some good scratch and dent stores in the city nearest to my house. I mean, there's all types of foods that these types of stores can carry, and I've been lucky in that they often have a decent selection of gluten free goodies, generally as cheap as regular products, but often even cheaper than gluten products would be in the store. I feel like its the perfect way for me to have my cake and eat it to, so to speak.

But this last time I went, I felt like I really hit the jackpot. Not only did I find a bunch of gluten free products, I got a lot of things that are the types of stuff you'd find at a health food store, only without health food store prices. 

I wanted to share what I got with you and for how much, but this trip was a little bit ago, just didn't get around to writing it until now, but pretty sure this entire thing cost me $50.

So first off, there's these raspberry flavored gluten free cookies that I bought that my entire family loves, but last time I bought these, they got finished too quickly, and the next time I went to the store they just had a few boxes, but this time they had some more, so I bought as many as I could carry, for 95 cents each. 

They had these other gluten free cookies, some almond flavored, some chocolate, and some chocolate chip, being sold at 95 cents each if you bought in multiples of three, but the manager saw me, knows me as a regular customer, so offered that I can get them at 71 cents each, if I bought in multiples of four, so I did that. It pays to be a regular!

They had gluten free all purpose flour mix being sold, one bag labeled at 95 cents, and the other at a higher price. I asked the manager about that, and he said the higher price was the right price, but since one was mislabeled, I could take both at 95 cents. Woohoo again!

They also were selling goji berries, which I've never before bought in my life, even though I'd heard good things about them, because they usually are so expensive, for $1.90 a package, so I bought 3. Unrefined sea salt and carob powder were being sold at that same price, so I bought one of each as well.

And though I never bought it before because I can make it from scratch, right now my life is a bit busy and I like short cuts, so when I found ready to go red and green curry paste, for 95 cents a package, so I bought three.

Then there were cans of pineapple 71 cents each if you buy four, so I bought four. Canned mushrooms and canned peas and carrots had the same deal, so I bought four of each of those as well.

I got four cans of hearts of palm for 95 cents each, and about 9 or 12 cans of leechees for $1.14 each.

Oh my gosh, this shop was just so freaking awesome, I am so glad to be able to share it with you. I love feeling like I'm beating the system.

Got any amazing deals lately?

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  1. Beating the system is what it is all u! Good job.

  2. Hearts of palm (which I love, but Husband doesn't care for) are $2.95-4.95 USD at our local Colorado scratch-and-dent store...forget about buying them at a standard grocery! You're lucky to find them for so little. I generally just sigh, and go without.

  3. Great shopping. Thanks to a new store called LIDL that opened up, I finally have access to cheap Hearts of Palm, lychees, lemongrass, etc. Finally eating healthier and trying new recipes.

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