The No-Cost Technology That Can Help You Save More Each Month

I love tech, especially when it has the ability to make your life easier, and even more so if it helps you save money in an easy way. Here's some great tech money saving ideas from a reader.

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Financial experts recommend saving roughly 20% of your post-tax income. However, for many individuals, this goal is not a possibility. In fact, many households have nothing saved for emergency expenses. When you are already living a frugal life in order to put food on the table, and to pay the bills, it can be a challenge to even think about saving. Thankfully, the latest no-cost technologies can help you cut your monthly expenses and automate your savings. Explore three strategies for using these innovations to improve your family’s budget.

Instant, online price comparisons

Although there are no official statistics that show exact numbers, many people pay more than they have to on at least one of their monthly bills. If you would like to start saving money on expenses such as your car insurance, utilities, and phone bill, you can do so almost instantly. For example, if you are looking to choose an electric company in your area, experts with Provision Power & Gas encourage consumers to use utility websites to check rates online. Rather than calling up multiple companies, you can immediately find out what you can expect to pay on gas and energy by using this online feature. Not only can you compare services between companies, but you can also use these pricing features to compare services with the same business. To ensure that you aren’t paying too much for your phone bill, for instance, you can often pull up multiple plans side-by-side to see if a downgrade is appropriate.

Apps that help you save automatically

Even if you think that you have absolutely no money to save, you might be surprised at how putting a few dollars away at a time can add up. Saving just $1 per day for a year will leave you with a savings of $365. If you have a hard time with the self-discipline required to save, there are free apps that can help you achieve this goal. First, you can check with your bank to see if they have a program that automates your savings using an app. From rounding up your purchase and saving those amounts, to setting your own amounts, there are numerous options available with most banks. However, if you’d like to use a trusted app instead, there are many highly-rated choices. Chime and Acorns are just two apps that you can use to reach your savings goals.

Coupon code search programs

If you make purchases online, it is super important to be on the lookout for coupon codes. Unfortunately, finding coupon codes can be challenging and time consuming. Thankfully, the developers of Honey (a browser add-on) have found a way to solve this problem. Once you’ve added their free program to your internet browser, the company automatically finds coupon codes for all of the online purchases you make. Depending on how much you shop online, this could lead to $100s of dollars in savings each year.

With the introduction of no-cost financial programs and apps, it is now easier than ever before to save on nearly every expense. It is also easier to create a savings on any budget. To get the most out of smart budgeting features, try multiple technologies to see what works best for you and your family.

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