Thursday, October 24, 2019

5 things you didn't know about CBD oil health benefits

What was once considered a bad choice and a dangerous drug is fortunately gaining acceptance worldwide, even in mainstream circles. Cannabis is no longer seen as an illicit or radical substance as countries around the world continue to embrace the plant in light of the steady stream of scientific research into the medicinal benefits of cannabis. This article will be focusing on 5 things you didn't know about the health benefits of cannabis oil. Hopefully this will leave you better informed and help you with your family's health.

How CBD Oil is Made
According to CBDKyro there are various ways that the cannabidiol can be extracted from the plant. Some companies use vinegar, glycerin, and plant based oils as a solvent, fbut alcohol is the preferred form as you get higher concentrations as it releases most of the cannabidiol from the plant. (This is why, when I make homemade tinctures, I use vodka, as it gets out most of the goodness, as opposed to tea, which will have less medicinal value.) Once the cannabidiol is extracted, its then mixed with carrier oils such as peppermint oil, vanilla oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. This has a few purposes, also making it taste better, and also making it more bioavailable.

No, There's No High 
Though cannabis has been known to be pretty much synonymous with getting high, CBD oil does not get you high at all. In fact, its generally made from industrial hemp that doesn't have THC, the component of marijuana that makes people high, as well as having other health benefits. Some researchers say that CBD actually lessens the high one would otherwise get from marijuana.

But You Can Still Possibly Fail a Drug Test
CBD comes in two different forms, either in isolates or full spectrum. Full spectrum cannabidiol products have a range of oils that are extracted along with the CBD. This means it may contain minor amounts of THC, less than 0.3 percent to be considered legal. This is a small enough amount that you won't get high, but is a large enough amount to be detected in a drug screening test. Isolates, though, have only pure CBD in them, no THC at all, so they are a better choice if there's a possibility of you getting subjected to a drug test.

CBD not only isn't a drug, it can help prevent drug addiction!
We all know about the opioid crisis going on now, the rampant addiction that is destroying and taking lives across the world. These addictions actually start from prescription drugs that people take for pain. CBD is a much safer alternative, helping relieve pain, which is a far better alternative to taking opioids in the first place and helping prevent relapses, according to DailyCBDMag.

Microdosing is an option and often helpful
While some people prefer to take CBD tincture as needed, others prefer to take microdoses on a regular basis. What this does is instead of giving you a strong amount at once, it keeps your body relatively leveled out and free of the issues for which you are taking CBD, but it also helps people not be drowsy from the CBD, which some people experience.

I was fascinated to learn about these things while researching CBD, I hope you found it just as interesting as I did!

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