My Amazing Haul From the Clothes and Houseware Share

I've written before about the Clothes and Houseware Share, that is like a cross between a clothes/book swap and a second hand store. It's located in someone's storage unit attached to her home, and people drop off whatever they no longer want, but still in good condition. This is clothes, household goods, books, etc... and volunteers come and help sort out the things there into categories, making it easier to find things. You can come whenever works for you, as long as you arrange it ahead of time with the one who runs it, and take whatever you want. Everything is completely free. You don't have to bring something to be able to take, and you don't need to take something to be able to bring. Its a great way for people to declutter things they no longer want and for other people to be blessed with things that work for them. It is an amazing service run by a wonderful woman and I'm always so excited when I go there. I never come back empty handed.

One day recently when my kids didn't have school and I didn't have work, I decided to pay a visit, and oh boy, did we strike it rich!

Oh, and the benefit of bringing my kids with me is I didn't take home anything they won't like, especially since they're relatively picky when it comes to clothes.

Here is what we got. And total cost, as I mentioned before, absolutely nothing, other than the transportation there and back.

This first picture is of a suit Ike found and loved. It fits him beautifully and he looks so dapper in it. He got everything from shirt to shoes to bow tie (that I can't find to photograph) and I love that he finally has some nice formal clothes he agrees are stylish enough for him to wear.

The boys also agreed to bring these home, though I'm not sure what they tried on, so they might not agree to actually wear all these stuff, but they're a start. 4 pairs of pants, a few t shirts, a sweat shirt, and formal button down shirts.

About 15 tops for the girls, including 2 shrugs, a jean jacket, a few formal shirts, and a bunch of T shirts, both long sleeve and short.

12 dresses for the girls, mostly formal but not entirely, including a few sweater dresses.

Approximately 10 skirts for the girls, including a few tulle ones that the girls are thrilled about.

A girls sweater, two bathing suits and a rash guard top (especially needed now because Rose is having swimming lessons in school and needs to keep them both at her dads house and my house), a pajama top, and a scarf.

These are some more things for the girls that I discovered at the bottom of the pile when I finished photographing everything, including rain boots, a beaded top, a cute purse, and some of the skirts for Anneliese. Rose also got formal shoes but she wore them to school and isn't home now for me to photograph them.

And then there's this stuff for me!!! I got 13 shirts, 2 dresses, and 2 skirts! There's a mix of formal and casual, but lots of polka dots and stripes, things that I love. Also got a fun red velvet scarf.

But my favorite part about it?

The host of the clothes and houseware share asked me what size shoe I wear. I told her there's no way on earth she'd have my size, as I have such a large size I can't find shoes my size locally. She said try these on, and what do you know, this pair of size 12 chunky high heels fits me perfectly! And then she says I think I have one more somewhere else, and dug up yet another pair of high heels!!! I'm in shoe heaven now!

And then books. I'm really not a picky reader, I'm such a voracious reader and don't have access to a public library here that I will read whatever I can get my hands on.

I do happen to have a special affinity for fantasy and mysteries, so I'm glad there's some of those in there... I also do enjoy chick lit and the occasional romance.

And while I used to hate history as a subject, I've learned that I love reading history when written in books like these, both fiction and non fiction, so I'm excited about that.

And also these kids and craft books. Guess which I plan on making the regular bed time story for my kids? Lol...

I feel so blessed to have this clothes and houseware share in my area. If you have the ability to start something like this in your area, it would be amazing, passing on the blessings to others. And if you live locally to me, send me an email to so I can let you know where this is located so you can also benefit.

Got any great free things lately? What types of books do you like to read?

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  1. We have a local facebook group where we share clothes, household stuff, furniture... as an effort in living zero waste. It is somewhat disliked if somebody takes all the time, and doesn't give. However, if somebody post their story and explains they are in a difficult situatuon, people are more willing to give to them.

  2. Extraordinary. The person who runs it is amazing. I guess the kids helped you take it all home.

  3. What a wonderful resource. I'm sure you will return the things that don't suit your children or they don't like, as well as things that they no longer need. Saving all that stuff from landfill is wonderful.

  4. Congrats on the haul. With growing children, free works every time. Glad you are blessed with this opportunity. Only free stuff I've gotten lately is a Energy Drink from Kroger which I gave to a co-worker because I don't like them. And some free samples from Got a Kindle a few years ago and have fallen in love with all the zombie apocalypse books on there. Most are free and some are 99 cents. What I like is that I can get a 6 or 9 book series for 99 cents.

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