Fennel and Orange Salad Recipe- Easy, Vegan, Paleo, and Delicious

This salad has got to be one of my favorites ever. It's got the perfect combinations of flavor and texture, and it's a hit every time I make it. Fennel is cheap here in the winter, as are citrus fruits, making this a staple on my table in the winter. And if I can get pomegranates, it brings it up an extra notch, beauty wise and tastewise, but it is great without it as well.

This recipe in addition to being easy and cheap to make is also gluten free, dairy free, paleo friendly, allergy friendly, vegan, without any sweeteners. Just an all around great recipe. Hope you enjoy it as much as my family and guests do.

Fennel and Orange Salad Recipe- Easy, Vegan, Paleo, and Delicious

1 large bulb of fennel
4 clementines or tangerines or 3 oranges
1/3 of a pomegranate (optional)
1/4-1/3 cup lemon juice 
1/4-1/3 cup oil (olive or sunflower are my usual go tos, but feel free to use any liquid oil)
1/2-1 teaspoons salt
1 pinch pepper (optional, I usually leave out)

1. Slice your fennel thinly. A mandolin makes it easier, but a knife is just fine. Include the stalks as well, no reason to waste them.

2. Peel and chop your citrus fruits into bite sized pieces.

3. Add the citrus fruit and pomegranate, if using, to the fennel.

4. Add the oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, and mix. (I like using the larger amount, but its a strong flavor, so use less at first and add more if desired).

This is great right away, but also ends up being delicious up to a few days later.


Are you a fan of fennel? Ever have fennel salad before? If you make it, what do you put in it? Does this look like a recipe you'd try?

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  1. Here fennel is eaten a lot too. They eat it raw just like they would eat an apple... So that really put me of a bit of eating raw fennel! I do like it cooked in a stew though.
    But after reading this i remembered that there was about half a fennel in my fridge and decided to use it in a salad. Although i used what i had on hand and didnt make this particular salad, it turned out delicious!

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