How to Get the Best Prices on Chic New Furniture

I used to live in a house that felt like a dump to me. It was too small, and everything in it was second hand or dumpster dived. And I didn't like it. Once I finally moved out into a larger place, I tried to make my home into a place that I loved, and on a budget. That meant some new items, but that doesn't mean you have to pay full price. Here's how to get great prices on new beautiful furniture.

New furniture creates a fresh, chic element and feel to your home. When you have an entire house to design with new furniture, saving money may be high on your priority list. Some furniture stores help you save money by offering free home delivery and including long-term warranties on new furniture pieces.

Contrary to popular belief, buying used, second-hand furniture isn't the only way to save money designing your new home. You can find beautiful, chic new furniture of any style for your home at steep discounts if you know where to look. Here are three tips to get the best prices on furniture you love:

1. Buy Directly from the Manufacturer

When you shop at a factory outlet store, you're bound to get a steep discount on pieces that are equal in quality to what you would find at a traditional furniture retailer. The pieces at those stores are sold directly by the manufacturer, so they can offer lower price points on the same pieces. Factory outlet stores also give you the benefits of shopping for new furniture, where you can view it, touch it and use it. If there’s a brand you like, search for their nearest factory outlet store in your area.

2. Expose Yourself to More Inventory

It's really quite simple: By visiting more furniture stores, you'll see a slew of different options at affordable prices to help you make an informed buying decision. Between the inventory of clearance and closeout sales items, as well as discount prices at factory outlet stores, you'll get a better sense of which pieces are a perfect fit for your home.

Additionally, walking more sales floors may help you better refine your budget and what you’re looking for, so you can identify the right piece when you see it. If you want to save time, browse any number of furniture store catalogs before deciding whether to make a purchase online or at a physical retail storefront.

3. Buy at the Right Time

There are times throughout the year when furniture retailers are under pressure to get rid of old inventory to make room for new pieces. Discontinued furniture will be put on clearance, and on Black Friday, the Fourth of July and holiday weekends, stores will aim to move out their old inventory by lowering prices and putting items on clearance.

At the end of each quarter, furniture retailers tend to put more items on clearance or sweeten the pot with discount deals. This is a great time to shop, as these stores try to close the quarter with as many sales as they can. In fact, when you shop at the right time at the right store, you may even be able to negotiate a lower price or get free delivery or a free warranty thrown in. Great months to shop include January, July and August to capitalize on sales.

Land Some Truly Great Deals

Buying furniture can be more affordable when you shop at factory outlet stores and check out loads of inventory at a time ripe for discount offers. For instance, if you want to land great deals on new, chic furniture in the San Diego area, visit a furniture retailer like Jerome's in Chula Vista, which offers free same-day delivery. In addition to competitive pricing, look for financing options that will allow you to take your favorite pieces home today and which you will pay back over time.

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