Sneak Preview of the Kids' Sensory Room Bedroom

I recently wrote about my plans to turn my kids' room into a sensory heaven that would meet my daughter's unique needs because of her autism and sensory issues.

Though the room is still in progress, since not everything has arrived, I already am seeing what a tremendous difference it is making so far.

Therefore, I wanted to give you a little sneak peek, instead of waiting until it was all ready and perfect.

As you can see in the picture, the yoga swing arrived from Amazon, and I got it installed by a professional, since, while I know how to DIY many things, since this involved load bearing drilling into my cement ceiling, I wanted to make sure this was done absolutely perfectly and with professionalism.

The swing came with bolts to drill into the ceiling, and hooks as well, but I did need to buy two more large carabiners to hang the rope that attaches to the hooks onto which you clip the yoga swing and the hand pieces. But those carabiners were really cheap- I think I paid $8 at my local expensive hardware store because I didn't even bother price comparing, and you can definitely get it cheaper. 

Behind the yoga swing, you can see some of our Ikea Kallax shelving unit. I know that with my kids being the way they are, and especially Rose being the way she is, the more divided her clothes are into smaller compartments, the easier time she'll have finding what she needs and therefore keeping her room cleaner, or at least not dumping out all her clothes in one go. So I spent more to be able to get drawers for the Kallax unit instead of just boxes, so that the small squares are divided even further.

I put the unit together myself, and I have to say, they are a pain in the butt to put together. 2x4 units and 1x4 units are totally doable, but 5x5 is hell on wheels and I never want to do that again in my life. Honestly.

The unit looks beautiful, and you'll see the whole set when I post the finished room.

But for now, I wanted to show you the yoga swing in action.

I showed Rose how to go on it, and how to swing in it, and she loved that, loved feeling all wrapped up in it. But even more so, she likes going upside down.

She figured out how on her own how to turn upside down (that actually is the proper way, I double checked) and she decided to just do this non stop, she loves it that much.

Just another picture in action.

She's trying to teach the other kids to do that, but they're still a bit too afraid, especially to do it without holding on to the hand holds, as she is doing.

The nice thing about this yoga swing is that you can adjust the height of the swing, so she swings so that when she goes upside down her head is a few inches from the ground, but for larger people you can easily raise the height incrementally to make it a good height for them as well.

Seeing these two pictures makes me so happy, because I already see how amazing this new room set up is for her, and this is without it even being completed yet!

In her hand/on the floor next to her is a sensory chew necklace that I got her as well, also a great investment. She hasn't chewed her shirt sleeves since!

And the yoga swing is strong enough to hold me as well. I'm definitely enjoying it, but the fun is just getting started.

Hopefully I'll be able to show the finished room, in not too long!

Do you have kids with sensory needs? How do you try to meet them? Would you ever put a swing inside your house? Do you have a yoga swing or have you ever use done? Would you or your kids enjoy swinging upside down like Rose is here?

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  2. I'm so happy that the beginning changes to Rose's room has helped and delighted her! Good for you looking to adults with the same issues and acting on their advice. I hope they know how great their advice was!

    You should be known as the DIY Queen!

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