The (Affordable) Price to Pay on Studying at an International School

I recently taught a foraging class to a group from our local international school, and then I learned more about international schools, something I really am very unfamiliar with. So here's some thoughts on how to keep down the costs for studying at an international school.

International school = rich people school.

Well, the above-mentioned statement basically sums up how people perceive an international school. But it is not actually exclusive for the rich people. Anyone with the guts and the brains can enroll here, as long as you have passed the exams and the requirements. What is absolutely true about this kind of school is the difficulty to get in. So if you have had an awesome privilege to enter in one, do everything in your power to stay in and find ways to sustain yourself while inside it.

Below are just some of the possible ways to help you get by financially during your stay in an international school. The tuition fee itself can be gut-wrenching to the pocket, but a scholarship on one can bring you even double the pressure. This can certainly make or break you. So here are some of the ways to help you survive international school money-wise.

1. Utilize the “Used”

Studying in an international school does not give you license to buy all your stuff brand new. Used books and tools do not diminish in bringing knowledge and usability. Maximise your older friends' notes and books. It is the learning, not the things you use which will matter.

2. Don’t Follow the Hype

Always keep in mind that you are in an international school for the quality of education and not for whatever reason. Keep your focus on making it to the finals - never on following the trends or studying over some expensive coffee.

3. Be Creative (Not expensive)

If you lack on some tools and gadgets that might be too expensive to avail, try your best to get by without them. Find a way to borrow or rent the things you need and maximize them as long as you have them.

Moreover, you can also find other tools that can make almost the same results, only cheaper. Use your creative imagination to accomplish your projects with less technology and financial help.

4. Build connections (and lasting friendships)

One way to survive international school is to build bridges of connections. You can exchange knowledge and even notes and tools with them. A mutually beneficial friendship can take you a long way, even beyond international school.

5. Find scholarship offers inside and outside the campus

If you have the guts to study in an international school, then you must have the brains to help you. Therefore, maximise your gift and apply for scholarships inside and even outside the school. If you are even that strong-willed, you can apply for a scholarship abroad and enter an international school there. Singapore International School is one of the known schools in Asia which offer scholarships.

Moreover, you can also try to look for scholarships from foundations or philanthropists who are willing to help gifted students to finish their studies. But be sure to maintain your average at all cost.

There are a lot of ways to graduate from an international school without spending thousands and thousands of dollars. Just be wise and work smart. International schools are not exclusive for rich people only.

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