5 Gift Ideas for the Little Adventurer in Your Life

Today's my 32 birthday, but I already shared here about what I'm getting myself as a birthday gift- hint, its a new bed set. But my daughter Rose's birthday is coming up next month; here's some great ideas that I'll consider for this little adventurer of mine.

Has your little one got a birthday coming up? It’s not always easy to find the right gift for your children, even though you know them the best, it’s difficult not to buy them something that they haven’t already got. You’ll find a unique range of toys for 5-year-olds here, just click the link.

But if your little one is a bit of an adventurer and loves nothing more than exploring in the garden and discovering the great wide world around them. Then you have the perfect opportunity to encourage their passion even further and treat them to something that will inspire even more outdoor adventures.
Need some more guidance? Read on for 5 gift ideas for the little adventurer in your life.

A pop-up tent

The perfect base for any garden adventurer! Treating your little one to a pop-up play tent means that they can take shelter from the elements and hide from any potential predators all in the safety of their back garden… A simple pop-up tent is easy to put up and to fold away again. They can even make good use of it inside when the weather isn't great. Of course, you could spend money on an expensive camping tent, but they take a lot more work to put up and to take back down again!

Their own headtorch

Torches are of course loads of fun. But a headtorch is next level excitement for any little explorer looking for night-time adventures! Big torches can be heavy, clumsy and cumbersome, making it difficult to play. A headtorch, however, means that they can keep their hands free whilst they play, you don't have to worry about them dropping and breaking it and it's not likely to be put down and forgotten about!

A sleeping bag

On those long summer nights, it’s always fun for the whole family to camp out in the backyard. And if you gift your little one their very own sleeping bag, they’ll be even more excited. It doesn’t need to be anything too hardcore – they’re not camping on Mt Everest. Just something simple, warm and padded with a cool design should be ideal. Make sure it’s the right size and that they won’t grow out of it too quickly, make sure it’s warm enough and machine washable! They can also take it to friend’s houses for sleepovers when they’re old enough!

A cool water bottle

A reusable water bottle is the best way for your little one to keep hydrated whilst they’re out playing. Choose one with a cool design, that keeps cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm! They’ll love taking it everywhere and you can enjoy the fact that they’re always hydrated!

A new backpack

What could be better than carrying all their exploration gear, snacks and toys in their very own little backpack? Make sure it has plenty of pockets for all their supplies and again, choose one that is machine washable so you can keep it clean!

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