Awesome Last Minute Deal!!!

There's this amazingly store near me, that has great prices all the time, but sometimes they have extreme sales that just knock things out of the park. I'm on a Whatsapp group for the store where they write what the daily sales are (they change all the time), and a few hours before they closed for the weekend, I saw an ad for "Happy Hour".

There were so many things with terrific prices, but the things that stood out in my mind were the fresh chickens that they quite clearly wanted out before their weekend break. I was busy so couldn't make it there, but I sent my kids there to shop for me, with all the cash I had at home, and the mission to get as many fresh chicken products as possible with that money. Of course, there were a few other items on the list, but the chickens, that's why I sent them.

When they came home, I was so excited with what they brought home. They told me that they literally took every last bit of fresh chicken off the shelf.

The sales were as follows. Chicken wings, hormone free, antibiotic free, which this store often has on sale for 77 cents a pounds (in other stores, with hormones, with antibiotics, etc... generally costs $1.30 a pound) were on sale for 50 cents a pound. They brought home a bunch of packages, 17 lbs in total, for a grand total of $8.69!

Then there was the whole chickens. So many people think that whole chickens are the most frugal, once you break it down into the different parts, but having done the calculations, unless it's under a certain price, it doesn't actually pay to get it. For me, personally, the certain price that I aim for in order to stick up on whole chickens is $1.29 a pound, so when I saw that they were this price, I told them to buy as many as they had. That only ended up being 3 whole chickens, 11 lbs, but that's still good. Oh, and did I mention that these were also hormone and antibiotic free?

Then there was chicken breast cutlets also on sale. I never, ever, ever buy these. Because not only do I know how to cut up whole chickens into separate parts, I know how to cut chicken breast into chicken cutlets, which takes me under 20 seconds per chicken breast to make 4 or 5 cutlets, and chicken breast cutlets usually cost at least 50 cents more per pound, and I see no reason to pay that for something that literally takes me seconds. Most stores sell boneless chicken breast for $3.89 a pound, and cutlets at about $4.50, but this store generally sells chicken breast for $2.98 per pound, but this time their breast cutlets were on sale for $2.58 a pound, so I'm glad my kids were able to bring home 9.7 lbs for a total of $25.

Ok, so I had to reorganize my freezer and my spare freezer to fit this all in, and I've officially banned myself from buying anything else to go in the freezer for the next little bit, because I've nearly reached the limit there, but I'm fully stocked.

I don't ever, ever, ever want to pay full price for chicken or other proteins, so its really nice to be able to be set with this, all purchased at low cost. (And I still had other cheap proteins in there, like the fish I bought on sale, some beef, cheese, etc....)

So while I was most excited about the chicken, they also had persimmons on sale for 39 cents a pound. They're in season, and my family loves them, but I've been seeing them being sold for $1.29 a pound despite them being in season. When I see them for 65 cents a pound, that's when I buy them, but they were being sold for 39 cents a pound, so I told my kids to bring home two bags filled with them. Unfortunately they misunderstood and only brought home two little boxes. Oh well. Still a great price, would have loved more at that price. I paid $2.09 for that amount, 5.4 lbs.

Then they had grape juice for $2.83 a bottle, when it usually costs $3.70 a bottle, so they bought 4 bottles.

Lastly, bread was on sale for 50 cents a loaf, so they got two.

All terrific prices, all totally last minute. I'm so glad I saw the sale and was able to send my kids over.

If you hear of an amazing sale when you hadn't intended to go grocery shopping, will you make a trip just for that, or just shop whenever you intend on shopping and use whatever is on sale then? How much do you generally pay for chicken where you live? What is your stock up sale price? 

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  1. Bet the kids were proud of themselves too. Nice job all around!

  2. Fantastic. They may have cut the prices, because this is the season to "clean" and restock for the spring holiday. No old stock can be sold at that time.

  3. Great shop! I'm so amazed that you were able to send the kids and they accomplished the goal. Reminds me of my childhood when my Mom would set my sister and I to the task of "dinners for the week for $20." I became a coupon clipper at the tender age of 8. My sister, not so much. I'm in Georgia (US) and the lowest I've ever gotten boneless skinless chicken breast is 99 cents a lb. Not the organic version either. Even now, thanks to Lidl, I've been getting chicken tenders for $1.29 lb and breast for $1.59 lb. I stock up when it's the tenders because they are so clean to begin with. Then I use them for whatever dish I need. I will get chicken drumsticks as low as 99 cents lb, but only because my husband loves fried drumsticks.

    Planning my shopping is key to saving money for me, so I rarely ever just pop in a store and grab whatever. Last week Lidl has the breast on sale for $1.59 lb and I ended up with 5 breast. I cut them down into tenders, roasted them up and made a chicken & rice casserole with zucchini, radishes and parsnips. Quite yummy once I put the cream of mushroom soup in it. Now I have lunches for the whole week and spent around $1.50 a meal. I still have 2 breast that I tucked in the freezer for next time.

    Thanks for another great post.

  4. It's wonderful that your children shopped so well even with the little misunderstanding! You're quite blessed! I have to mention that I once sent my teenager to a local bakery here in Ohio that was going out of business and they had the most delicious schencken (not sure of the spelling) and they were $10 for a yummy loaf and $1 for a slice, well I asked her to get six slices but she came back with six loafs! I had schnecken for months! Gave some away I had so much. I could've been angry with her but she meant well so I just laughed it off.

    That was the old Virginia Bakery! I remember now. Busken's carries it during certain seasons now too but I've gone gluten and sugar free. Children trying to do their best, nothing better than that as a parent!

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