Sunday, February 16, 2020

You Don't Need Medication to Sleep

I have anxiety that sometimes gets in the way of my sleeping. For this reason, I try to do things to make falling asleep more easy for me. One of those things is to have a bed time routine, things that my mind associates with sleeping. I have this certain meditative music soundtrack that I play when I'm falling asleep, and because I use it so often, my brain already associates it with sleep and helps me get into that mode, even when my anxiety is otherwise racing. Here's some other ideas from Nancy Evans to help you sleep better.

Sleeping pills and medications prescribed to help people calm their minds and help them sleep more soundly are oftentimes highly dangerous to your overall health. With the potential added risk of addiction and or even just damage to your liver, you should consider alternatives to using medication to get better rest throughout the night.

Sleep allows your skin cells to renew, it allows your organs to function properly, and, most importantly, getting a good night's rest allows your mind to go through the processes that it needs to go through in order to stay healthy. This can go as far as being able to recall information and maintain a healthy memory. Below are some ideas to help you get better sleep throughout the night without the need for medication.

Check Out a Sleep Tracker

If you are unsure of what is waking you up at night, or what the reason is that you are not able to get a good night's rest, you can actually find out through using a mobile app on your phone. Do a little research for the best sleep tracker to find one that works for you and get to the bottom of why you aren't able to stay asleep.

Watch What You Eat

You can actually sleep better if you begin eating better. Nourishing your body with nutrients and minerals from food you cook at home is the best way to keep your body running properly. Aside from sleep, the food you eat is going to make a huge difference in how you feel. Additionally, the foods you eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner actually affect your blood pressure, cortisol, cholesterol, and all sorts of things within your body. This can sometimes create sleeplessness in the body. If you are eating processed and fatty foods right before you go to bed, chances are you probably won't sleep very well.

Don't Forget to Work Out

Believe it or not, your body will rest better if you work out three or more times a week. This is such a great way to reduce stress, which clears your mind at the end of the night, but it naturally tires out your body if you work out. Even if you work out during the morning hours, by the end of the evening after you have exercised, worked, tended to family, and handled everything else you need to do, you are going to naturally begin putting yourself in the mood to relax and sleep.

Put Away Social Media

Putting away the phone and devices that have social media on them is going to help you get to your resting state much faster. Scrolling endlessly on your phone keeps you up for hours, especially because of the brightness of the light of your phone so close to your face. This can wake you up even more during the hours that you are meant to be winding down. Try to avoid the phone routine before bed as it is extremely unhealthy.

Natural Sleeping Methods

Enjoy natural sleeping remedies to help you get into a relaxed state. According to a Naturopathic located in Phoenix, melatonin is a natural supplement that can be taken an hour before you are getting ready for bed to help your body get into the mood to lay down and sleep naturally. There are also some teas that are formulated to help you get to sleep.

A Shower or Bath Before Bed

Take a shower or bath with essential oils. Aromatherapy is a fantastic way to get yourself ready to sleep. It's been used by millions of people in the last several years and all you need is a few drops in your bath or a few drops at the bottom of your shower drain to diffuse the smells of your favorite calming essential oils. Lavender and chamomile essential oils are the best oils recommended to get you into a relaxed state at the end of the day.

Find the Right Mattress

To sleep peacefully, start researching on air foam mattress for comfort and cozy sleep at night. Based on your needs 12 inch mattress options is an ideal preference for all sorts of sleeping problems.

Hopefully, these seven tips have helped you find other ways to get to sleep without the use of medications that could damage your body and overall health. It is much better to try more natural remedies or even get the assistance of application on your mobile phone that could give you an insight on why you are not getting the rest you need throughout the night.

Do you have any issues falling asleep or staying asleep? What tips do you find work for you?


  1. This is a great post. I don't sleep well due to parkinsonism, and agree that all of these tips are helpful. For me, eating something starchy (like mashed potatoes) before bed helps. A friend of mine eats a meat meal an hour before bed and that helps her. (Her insomnia was acid-stomach related -- she'd been very careful not to eat for hours before bed for fear of weight gain, and her stomach was miserable.) Everyone's different!

    My neurologist would go for the melatonin, and I like valerian tea before bed -- though now I use it as a tincture rather than tea. (Liquid before bed translates into getting up at night to go.)

  2. Thanks for the tips. I've always had problems going to sleep since I was teen and not running full steam playing outside as I did as a child.

    I work night shift so I get home, change into workout gear, go for a 2 mile walk (weather permitting otherwise it's the elliptical), come home, shower, play Candy Crush or watch tv for a bit or read. I drink a chamomile tea while I'm doing that. Then I turn on a youtube video that plays the sounds of a thunder storm and rain. Doing a full body stretch before getting into bed helps me relax as well. I have a Airwick oil mister with lavender scenting the room also. Once in bed I start "relaxing breath 4-7-8" breath exercises and that helps shut off my brain from random thoughts. Then if I'm not asleep while doing that for 3 minutes I think of my dream homestead. Always starting over at the beginning from location to type of house, garden, etc. This usually will cause me to drift off into a dreamless slumber.

    I've noticed that the thunderstorm works best because now anytime there is one like that outside, I get instantly sleepy.


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