Is Cbd Cream A Good Alternative To Cbd Oil?

As someone dealing with regular pain issues in my body, I am very curious to learn about different things that can help the pain, with minimal or no side effects ideally. Therefore, this post sent by a reader about CBD creams was very timely and really makes me want to look into it as an option for myself. 

CBD has been rising up the popularity ladder especially in the world of social media. But it still suffers from a major lacuna and that is lack of adequate research about its effectiveness on human anatomy. A lot of confusion still persists regarding its chemical abilities as well as working mechanism. Today we are going to try out and lessen your confusion by talking about the two most important forms of CBD which gets rampantly used by people across the globe.

Treating Pain With CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD carries zero intoxicating effects in stark contrast to its peer THC. You can thus use the same without falling prey to the intoxicating effects which are extremely common with marijuana. CBD also brings various medically beneficial abilities to the table and can directly target the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of our body. In this way, it helps in regulating various body processes such as pain control, sleep regulation as well as immune system responses. A positive impact gets levied on our sleep, anxiety, inflammation and pain by the interaction of CBD and ECS. You can thus bank on CBD to alleviate various types of pain caused due to cramping, arthritis, muscle spasms, inflammation, tendonitis, migraines, menstrual cramps, joint pain, muscle soreness etc. Here’s a list of Best cbd oil for pain which you can buy from, and People’s favourite is Cbdistillery’s cream, Buy it using Cbdistillery coupon code.

Medical Studies On The Pain Relieving Properties Of CBD

Researchers have recently started examining the role of CBD in pain management. A study was conducted on rats for testing the effectiveness of CBD in curing arthritis when compared to commercialized arthritis medications. This research was published in a 2016 issue of European Journal of Pain. In most cases, these medicines tag along grievous side effects and thus a search was conducted for a more natural cure. The rats were administered different doses of CBD gel over a span of four days. At the end of the short treatment duration, the rats revealed significant improvement in terms of reduced pain and inflammation.

What Do You Mean By CBD Cream

CBD creams are produced from marijuana or hemp oil extracts which subsequently get infused into a base. Small quantities of THC can be traced in most topical creams, salves and ointments. The amount however is not adequate to tag along any intoxicating effect. The ointments however might differ from creams in terms of consistency, texture as well as potency. Creams usually have an aqueous substance at its base while ointments have a semisolid consistency. These topical cures can serve you well while trying to cure skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It is also imperative in treating pain. All you need to do is rub it gently over the affected region for getting instant relief. The product gets readily absorbed in your skin for offering spot reduction in inflammation. You can opt for transdermal patches if you are on the lookout for stronger solutions. These patches allow cannabinoids to enter our bloodstream.

What Do You Mean By CBD Oil

CBD oil is produced differently than CBD topical. Both marijuana and industrial hemp extracts are infused into the CBD oil. The oils derived from marijuana fall under a legal grey area although they have received the green signal in various parts of the United States. Maybe this is why various modern-day vendors are offering doorstep delivery of the products. CBD oil is extracted in a complex process which is conducted by an experienced professional. This CO2 extraction process makes use of carbon dioxide under extremely low temperatures and a high-pressure environment.

A unique thing about this process is that it retains the purity level of the compound. This in turn makes it possible to produce top notch products from the extracts. While various other extraction methods are present, they produce less pure results which hike up the toxicity level of the final product.

CBD oil comes in a variety of strengths which opens up different avenues of usage. It operates by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of our body which is known to regulate various bodily functions. The ECS system manages emotions, hunger and feelings of pain. CBD can react with our cannabinoid receptor to cure back pain by removing inflammation. As the aches go away, you are bound to feel relaxed.

CBD oil comes in various potency levels so that you can experiment with the lot and take your pick amongst the same. High potency CBD oil for example is perfect for curing severe pain. Although these oils carry a distinct smell and taste, people can withstand it easily. The CBD oil products also come in different flavors such as tropical fruits, mint and many more. You need to place the liquid underneath your tongue and allow it a resting time of 30 to 90 seconds. This helps the CBD oil in getting absorbed by your bloodstream faster so that you can feel its effects almost immediately. Capillaries present beneath our tongue operate as a carrier for CBD oil into our bloodstream. Swallowing it normally increases its time for showing effect as it goes through our digestive process in that case.

CBD Cream Vs Oil

CBD cream doesn’t enter our bloodstream. Rather it penetrates our CB2 receptors for bringing relief to the affected region. When it comes to managing pain, both oral and topical CBD can yield fantastic results. However, they can produce best results on being used together. CBD oil is especially helpful in treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental ailments. Topicals on the other hand are effective in curing inflammation, headaches, arthritis, migraines and cramps. You can also treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, itching and dermatitis with CBD topical.

It is thus difficult to point out which one is superior to the other amongst both. But if you are on the lookout for an immediate solution, then CBD oil definitely reserves the first position for itself. CBD creams also act as a potent alternative of CBD oils as it helps in curing smaller pains such as a tweak in the muscle.

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