Great Frugal Shopping Today

Today, I had to take the kids with me to the city to go to the dentist, and I figured that while I was already there, I'd take care of errands that needed getting done. Fortunately, every single errand I got done managed to be a frugal one, so I wanted to share them with you.

First, I was passing by one of the scratch and dent stores that I like to frequent, and wanted to see if they had any great prices. And oh boy, I was astounded at how wonderful the prices were. The most awesome were boxes of white chocolate Reese's cups, 2 boxes filled with 24 packs for $4.28, working out to just 9 cents per package of Reese's cups. So I bought 4.
My kids have an event coming up where we need to make these goody bags, and I knew the Reese's cups would be a boon there.
They also had white chunky Kit Kat bats for 29 cents each, and these chocolate bonbons so we bought 10 of those as well for the goody bags.
They also had these giant multipacks of sucking candies, 57 cents a package, so I got 5 of them.
Then there were these gluten free wafers that I got in the past and my family really enjoyed- if you bought 9 packages you paid $5.71, so I bought 18 for $11.43, for a total of 63 cents a package.

I think we're pretty set with the goody bags.

Oh, and while I'm photographing these, I threw in also these artificial coloring and flavoring free sprinkles in all sorts of cool colors that I found at a different scratch and dent stores I was at, for 95 cents each, which I'm really excited about.

After that, it was time to go shoe shopping.

Lee and Ike really needed new sneakers, but the first store we stopped in, the store that used to be so cheap, and where I always used to buy shoes, didn't seem so cheap anymore. So instead of looking there, we walked to the store nearby, which had shoes a fraction of the price in the first store. The first store had shoes for $30-40 each in their sizes, whereas this other store had shoes for $8-20 in their sizes. And fortunately both my boys found shoes they liked for very reasonable prices. (And oh my gosh, my 12 year old is wearing size 10 men!!!) Then Anneliese who was with me asked for new shoes because the ones she was wearing were too small on her, and though she had already formal shoes and sneakers that fit her, she requested school shoes, and I found a pair that fit her being sold 2 for $8.50, so I bought two pairs, one for her and one for Rose.

Lee is really, really excited by his shoes, which he says are knock off Yeezys. I literally know almost nothing about current fashion trends, but my son is really into fashion, and he tells me they are the best of the best in current fashion, and he loves them. And they were only $15.

Then I was looking for an HDMI cable, since I finally got my new smart TV installed, but I wanted to be able to connect it to my computer. However, the first store I checked didn't have a 1 meter long cable anymore, only more expensive 1.5 and 2 meter cables which I didn't need, but I had in my head a number how much it should cost. Every store after that that I walked into was much more expensive for the same item, and I just walked out. I set my goal price, and after a few more stores, I finally found one that was the price that I wanted to pay, and only then did I buy one.

I stopped and got my kids ice cream (because that's what you do after the dentist, don't you know?) and while they were eating that, I popped into a smoothie place I love that gave me a 30% discount because of my birthday. That was really awesome.

And then out of the corner of my eye I saw this store. I'd heard of it being a really nice second hand clothing store, but I knew of their branch that was in a part of the city that was hard for me to get to, but didn't know about this more centralized branch until it basically jumped out at me. Since Lee has grown out of much of his clothing, and he is very picky about what he wears, I was hoping that maybe we might have success there for him without breaking the bank, and oh boy did we strike it rich.

He got himself three name brand expensive tops. First there's this black button down from Banana Republic, which according to my internet searching, would cost about $70 bucks new. This shirt cost $8.50.

Then there was this shirt from Zaras, which cost $60 new. And here cost $6.

And then this sweater from H and M, which as far as I can tell usually costs $35, and he got it for $7.

He's very thrilled with them, and its very timely since he has a wedding to go to this week and now he has a shirt to wear there.

And then, once I got home, I hit up a local store for produce, since we were running really low. Oranges were being sold for 39 cents a pound, so I got a bag of them. Beets were 25 cents a pound, so I got a bag of them as well. Then tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, fennel, and zucchini were just ok prices for 65 cents a pound, so I got some of each of those without overdoing it.

Basically... I did well today, and I'm so happy to share that with you.

Did any good and frugal shopping lately? What things did you get frugally?

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